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Grant Wish List

The grant wish list is a simple listing of any granting needs from area nonprofits that are served by the Community Foundation.  Submissions to be included are accepted at any time and will be added to the list as we receive them.  This list can be especially helpful for our donor advisors so that they can see what immediate needs there are in our community that align with their interests.  Not only is this list available to the public here on our website, but we also directly share it with our donor advisors and with local media.  Our goal is to help as many nonprofits secure the funding that they need to meet their mission and goals.


Angels for Everyday Heroes of Angels Journey Home
Amount Requesting $15,000

The organization had a fire over a year ago and we are desperately trying to get back into the property.  We house elderly veterans there, also have the animal rescue with home therapeutic care.  We have many storage buildings for all of our donations to pass out to veterans and the homeless.  The money would be used to finish and rebuild.

Amount Requesting $20,000

Our vehicle has almost 200,000 miles on it and is ready to die.  We use our vehicle so much for the animals, veterans, homeless, children's programs, picking up and passing out donations, and transporting veterans to appointments when needed.  We desperately need another vehicle.

Wish Updated: 11/22/23
Wish Expires:  5/22/2024


Apollo Area Historical Society
Requesting: $3,500 (Total)

1. We are requesting $2,000 to purchase archival supplies to be used in the organizing, maintaining, and preservation, of the artifacts endeared to the Apollo Area Historical Society's Museum, located in the WCTU building, Apollo, PA.  We would like to purchase proper acid free archival supplies from the Gaylord Archival catalog.

2. We are requesting $1,500 to cover the expense for the reproduction of historical photographs and documents endeared to Apollo Historical Society's Museum.  This will allow the public to view them at our museum without subjecting the original photos and documents to the elements that would cause deterioration.

Wish Updated: 07/01/2023
Wish Expires:  12/01/2023

Apraxia Kids
Requesting: $5,000

Apraxia Kids is the leading nonprofit that strengthens the support systems in the lives of children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) by educating professionals and families, facilitating community engagement and outreach, and investing in the future through advocacy and research. Our vision is a world where every child with apraxia of speech reaches their highest communication potential through accurate diagnosis and appropriate, timely treatment.


We are requesting $5,000 to expand our reach where appropriate services are sparse and knowledge of Apraxia Kids is limited. We would like to focus an outreach and awareness campaign sharing education and resources with school-based speech therapists, libraries, and health care professionals across Armstrong County in order to reach those struggling with CAS in underserved communities.  All education and resources would be free of charge. This initiative has the potential to reach all families in Armstrong County in need of specialized services for their child impacted with the communication, social, and academic challenges inherent within the diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech.

Wish updated 07/01/2023
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Christopher's Light
Requesting: $5,000

Christopher's Light Non-Profit continually works towards the goal of providing for children residing in Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland County. the assistance is focused on families in the low-income range. We offer clothing at no cost along with other items of necessity. Our focus is on children in the 5 yr-12yr age bracket but will assist, if possible, outside of the at range. Along with offering tangible items we strive to offer workshops for children ages 5-12. The workshops vary but focus to assist in daily living skills and contain educational activities.

To reach our goals of providing the above mentioned, we are requesting financial help to purchase items needed for our workshops. One of our greatest needs is items to conduct our planned workshops. To properly conduct the life skills classes, we need an electric stove along with other kitchen items and worktables. We would like to update the flooring in our children's activity room. We hope to purchase supply cabinets to house the supplies for our workshops.

Wish Updated: 10/31/2023
Wish Expires:  5/1/2024

Chef Ann Foundation
Requesting: $4,636.36

Salad Bars to Schools (SB2S), is a grant program that helps schools expand their commitment to serving fresh fruits and vegetables by implementing salad bars as part of their daily meal programs. Salad Bars are a great way for schools to make a large impact with a relatively small investment. Salad Bars:

  • Act as a gateway for school meal programs into the world of scratch cooking
  • Support a natural transition to greater local procurement of fresh, whole fruits and vegetables
  • Create less food waste by reducing prepackaged items 
  • Allow an offer versus serve option which cuts food waste and increases exposure to new items
  • Decrease the amount of highly processed foods served
  • Provide an avenue to introduce culturally relevant foods
  • Introduce fruits and vegetables to children early in life to help form healthy eating habits

The funding we are seeking will support a Salad Bar in Apollo Ridge School District reaching a population where approximately 70% of students qualify for free and reduced priced meals. Every salad bar grant package includes:

  • ·         1 - Stand-alone salad bar on wheels
  • ·         5 - Buffett Camchillers
  • ·         Variety of pan sizes for various configurations
  • ·         Tongs, divider bars, tray rails, and sign holder
  • ·         2 - Seats for online “Salad Bars in Schools” training course (School Food Institute)

Please note we also are requesting funding for Salad Bars in the counties below:

  • Warrior Run School District, Northumberland County – 3 Salad Bars – Funding Requested: $13,909.08
  • Central Bucks School District, Bucks County – 9 Electric Bars – Funding Requested: $90,307.53
  • Provident Charter School, Allegheny County – 1 Salad Bar – Funding Requested: $4,636.36

​​The Chef Ann Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that school food professionals have the resources, funding and support they need to provide fresh, healthy, delicious, cook-from-scratch meals that support the health and well-being of children and our planet.


wish updated 12/1/2023
Expires:  7/1/2024

Community Guidance Center
Requesting: Any amount or items donated

The Community Guidance Center is seeking donations to start a new "Sanctuary Closet" project. The project's purpose is to provide personal hygiene supplies for our consumers. We are a charity-based, community mental health care provider. Most of our consumers are on fixed incomes and receive public assistance. Household funds limit the ability to purchase personal hygiene items for our consumers. One person explained, "When you must decide to eat or wash your clothes, well, food will always win." CGC will start the Sanctuary Closet to help their consumers; however, the long-term vision is to grow and help anyone in need within the counties we serve.

We have identified the most requested items: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, feminine sanitary items, lotion, bath soap, shampoo, and conditioner. We are in the process of building our donor base for this much needed endeavor. We welcome individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations and churches as well as schools and clubs to help us collect the items listed above. 100% of all cash donations will be used to purchase needed items.

Any amount or donation drive is appreciated. If your business or church is interested in helping please let Armstrong County Community Foundation know or contact Sherry
Skidmore at

Wish updated 07/01/2023
Wish expires: 12/01/2023

Connections of Armstrong County

Requesting: $2,500
We offer a monthly free community meal. this amount would fund those for the next year and help us finish stocking our kitchen (cookie sheets, utensils, etc.).

Requesting: $2,500
Utilities being turned off is a major problem in our community. Most places won't help people until they've been shut off, we'd like to help before that to save on fees, stress and time with no hear or water, (etc.)

Requesting: $2,500
Our building acts as a drop in enter when we are open. We try to keep food, water, coffee, hygiene supplies on hand to give to people in need. We are all donation funded so this would help us purchase toilet paper, paper towels, soap, cleaning supplies for our building.

wish updated 10/5/2023
expires: 05/01/2024

Dayton Area Local History Society
Requesting: $1,000

For the Thomas Hindman Marshall House
Hot Water Tank Replacement.

Requesting: $1,000

We would like to replace the current 45-year-old linoleum with more period-looking laminate or wood plank flooring.

Requesting: $5,000

Kitchen floor replacement at Marshall House. We would like to replace it with more period-looking wood plank flooring

Requesting: Any Amount

 Any donations appreciated to help with costs of maintaining the House as an historical site.

Wish Updated: 07/01/2023
Wish Expires:  12/01/2023

Eye and Ear Foundation
Requesting: Any amount

The Eye & Ear Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to advancing patient care for eye, ear,  nose, and throat by supporting research in the Departments of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology at  the University of Pittsburgh. Working alongside faculty within these departments, the foundation has  been committed to improving access to care for residents in our Western Pennsylvania communities.  Through various programs such as Guerilla Eye Service (GES), GES Recon, HearUp, Mission of Mercy, and  financial assistance through a grant from the Addison Gibson Foundation, the Eye & Ear Foundation is  dedicated to providing care for our most vulnerable neighbors.  

While many of our efforts are focused on Pittsburgh and the surrounding region, we believe we are in a  position to expand our efforts to assist patients in areas such as Armstrong County. With help from the  Armstrong County Community Foundation, there are two programs that could make an immediate  impact to providing care to patients in this region: GES Recon, and financial assistance from a matching  grant from the Addison Gibson Foundation. 

GES Recon is a program that operates as a remote extension of our Guerilla Eye Service. The Guerilla Eye  Service, or GES, was established in 2005 by Evan “Jake” Waxman, MD, PhD to help provide vision care to  individuals who may not have access to vision screenings due to a myriad of reasons. Dr. Waxman, along  with ophthalmology residents and medical school students, take their “mobile eye clinic” to  

underserved communities around Pittsburgh several times a month. Here they provide free vision  screenings, including retinal screening, for patients throughout the day. Depending on their diagnosis,  patients can receive prescriptions for medicine, vouchers for glasses, and referrals for those conditions  requiring more specialized follow-up care. Following this model, the GES team is able to see more than  300 patients annually. Recently, the Eye & Ear Foundation received a mobile eye van from the Brother’s  Brother Foundation to further advance these initiatives. 

After a decade of running GES and seeing its impact on the community, it became apparent that even  more screening was needed. In 2012, Dr. Waxman and his team launched GES Recon, a program  designed to reach a larger number of people and to target the patients at the highest risk of vision loss  and blindness. The program provides service for patients at sites that GES Mobile does not reach and  for patients who are unlikely to make it to the eye doctor. A web-connected retinal camera, which  requires minimal operator skill, is permanently placed at a primary care site, such as a community health  clinic. Onsite staff is trained to use the camera and to identify those patients who are at the highest risk  for vision loss. Once retinal images of these patients are taken, the images are sent to be interpreted by  physicians at the UPMC Eye Center. Follow-up reports and treatment recommendations are sent back to  the community health providers to discuss with the patients. Currently there are roughly 50 retinal  cameras placed around the Pittsburgh area at any given time, producing over 7,000 images annually. In  2022 these images identified retinopathy in over 9% of patients who were imaged, showing a clear need  for earlier detection of vision deficiencies in underserved populations.  

Dr. Waxman and his team would love an opportunity to expand into Armstrong County by placing one or  more of these retinal cameras in this region while training local staff to operate them. Total estimated  cost to get a camera in place and operational is roughly $20,000. 

In 2022 the Eye & Ear Foundation received its first block grant from the Addison Gibson Foundation.  These block grants are issued to Western Pennsylvania Health Care Providers to provide medical  assistance to financially qualified patients residing in Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Cambria,  Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Fayette, Forest, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer, Somerset, 

Venango, Warren, Washington, or Westmoreland County. Working with the Department Chairs of  Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, we identified patients most at need of this assistance receiving a  variety of treatments. In Ophthalmology, we focused our efforts on providing low-vision assistance  devices such as OrCam MyEye reading magnifiers, CCTV devices, iPad Pros, IrisVision Electronic  Wearable Magnification devices, Desktop Video Magnifiers, distance magnifiers for watching television,  and more. In Otolaryngology we provided relief to patients in three areas: head and neck cancer  patients in desperate need of dental work, patients needing hearing aids, and tinnitus patients in need  of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. In less than a year, we were able to pay $100,000 in medical costs for 24  patients. Of these 24 patients, one of them already has come from Armstrong County. With a new round  of funding from Addison Gibson in 2023, these numbers will continue to increase. Any potential funding  from the Armstrong County Community Foundation would be earmarked specifically for patients from  Armstrong County, providing financial assistance for those patients, while preserving Addison Gibson  funding for patients from other counties.  

We would love an opportunity to further discuss these projects or to submit a proposal to show how  these initiatives would be able to help patients in Armstrong County. 

Wish updated:  07/01/2023
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Folds of Honor Western PA
Requesting: $5,000

Folds of Honor is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with the mission of providing educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America's service-members and first responders who were fallen or disabled during active duty. These scholarships support private educational tuition and tutoring for children in grades K-12, as well as higher education tuition assistance for families in Western, PA. Your $5,000.00 grant would provide one scholarship for a deserving and qualified applicant in Armstrong County.

Wish Updated: 09/18/2023
Wish expires:  04/1/2024

Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association
Requesting: $5,000
Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association Foundation supports the Crooked Creek Horse Park in Manor Township.  The original facilities were constructed in 1986.   The administration building is in need of aluminum siding to complete an upgrade of the existing structure.  As funds have come available portions of the roof have been upgraded and the gutters replaced.  The front of the administration building was re-sided and we are seeking funds to complete the building.

Amount Requesting: $10,000-$25,000
The Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association is exploring the construction of a covered arena at the Crooked Creek Horse Park to expand its use to be more a full year facility, to promote its mission of supporting equine competition and educations year-round and to increase tourism to Armstrong County.   In order to proceed with fundraising, we must develop an engineering report and plans and specifications for such a facility.  Our intention is to undertake the project is phases as funds become available.  For instance, initially start with a cover arena, then add sides, an adjacent waiting pen and then perhaps other facilities such as additional stalls, restrooms and other facilities. 

Amount Requesting: $3,500
Over the last several years the Crooked Creek Horse Park has lost a number of trees due to wind and storm damage and the age of the trees.  We would like to undertake a tree replacement project to plant trees that have been lost.  Due to wildlife in the area the new trees would also need to have protection surrounding them to permit growth.

Wish updated 07/01/2023
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Foundation for Free Enterprise Education (FFEE)
Requesting: $2,780

The Foundation for Free Enterprise Education is seeking funding so four Armstrong County high school students can participate in the award-winning Pennsylvania Free
Enterprise Week (PFEW) program in the summer of 2023. At PFEW, students will:
- Learn all aspects of modern business including production, budgeting, management, finance, marketing, profit and loss, financial statements and more
- Develop job ready skills like teamwork, communication, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration
- Discover a variety of careers and interests, develop a strong work ethic, and build a mentor network 
- Prepare for direct entry into the workforce or higher education

Each $695 sponsorship pays for all educational activities, program materials, food, lodging and direct program expenses for a six-day intensive economic education on a college campus. All FFEE programs are approved to receive funding through DCED’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. FFEE is an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO).

PFEW is a proven component of effective workforce and leadership development and is critical to Pennsylvania’s future. This education is unavailable anywhere else, and it ignites a passion for business and private enterprise that will help our young people and our communities secure a stable future for us all.

Wish updated 12/1/2023
Wish expires:  07/01/2024

Gift of Life Howie’s House
Requesting $5,000

Gift of Life Howie’s House serves as a  “home away from home” for pediatric and adult organ transplant patients and their families by providing temporary, affordable lodging, and supportive services to those who travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for transplant-related care. We are requesting $5,000 to sponsor one of our guest rooms for a period of one year at the House. For a highly subsidized rate, family members of transplant patients who stay at the House receive a private, comfortable room to sleep in, a warm meal each evening, transportation to and from the hospital and access to a licensed social work team and supportive community of other transplant families who understand what they’re going through. Sponsorship of a guest room will support families by keeping our nightly fee low and covering costs for families who cannot afford it.

When you Sponsor-A-Room, you will be recognized during your sponsorship period with:

• Your name/company on our prominent Contributors’ Wall in the House
• Your name/company on a sign next to the room
• Invitation for two to our President’s Reception during the year of sponsorship
• Listing in our publications and online forums including our Annual Report, in our newsletter and on our website
• An opportunity for a private check presentation with the Howie’s House executive team, staff and guest (upon request only)
• Family Circle membership

wish updated: 08/16/2023
wish expires: 03/01/2024

Grace Christian School
Requesting: $2,755 (4-Smart TVs)

Grace Christian School is a non-profit, school that follows a basic American principle of choice.  The students who attend here come for a variety of reasons. Primarily parents/guardians choose us to have a quality education that addresses their holistic needs of the spiritual, physical, mental, social, and physiological aspects of education.

Students are interested and engaged in using technology, and integrating different forms of technology in the classroom makes teaching and learning more effective. Students are more motivated and engaged in class by viewing educational videos and movies, playing educational games, and learning how to navigate educational websites.  The teachers can reinforce and expand on topics more easily.  As Grace Christian School continues to grow, larger screens are needed to accommodate larger classes. 


Wish Updated: 07/01/2023
Wish Expires:  12/01/2023

Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity

Amount Requesting: $1,000

Haiti H2O partners with Haitian doctors and nurses and leaders in three remote villages to host quarterly medical clinics where there are no doctors. Each clinic sees an average of one hundred patients from the community and surrounding areas. Some individuals walk miles to attend a clinic. Regular mobile clinics can better treat ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure which are common in Haiti. Left untreated, these conditions often lead to heart attack or stroke.  $1,000 can help provide needed medications and supplies for one quarterly medical clinic.

Amount Requesting: $750

Haiti is subject to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, causing damage to homes in the countryside. The Haitians struggling with extreme poverty are forced to rebuild their homes with whatever they can find; coconut leaves and scrap material. Funding this wish can help to put a roof on the cinder block homes that Haiti H2O is helping community leaders to build, providing shelter for the most vulnerable the next time the area is hit with a natural disaster. 

Amount Requesting: $500

The recent turmoil in Haiti has made food scarce in the entire country.  Small scale farmers also deal with increasing environmental challenges – drought and severe storms that threaten their crops.  $500 can help local leaders to begin community gardens that will increase locally produced food for their villages where hunger and malnutrition are serious problems.

Wish Updated: 07/20/2023
Wish Expires:  12/31/2023

Indiana County Public Safety Academy
Requesting: $4,000

The Indiana County Public Safety Academy is seeking funding for new tables and chairs at our training facility for in-person classes. The Academy provides training to over 1,000 students annually from law enforcement, Fire/Rescue, EMS and private industry. As an Educational Training Authority under the PA State Fire Academy program, our programs are attended by first responders and industry agencies from various counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania (primarily from Indiana, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Allegheny, Clearfield, Jefferson and Cambria counties). Approximately 12.5% of our attendees are from Armstrong County. Some of the Armstrong Fire Departments which have completed training includes Elderton, Rural Valley, and Dayton. Additionally, individual company members attended program offerings from various departments.

Wish Updated: 07/01/2023
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Keystone Family Alliance
Requesting: $9,000

Keystone Family Alliance aims to educate, motivate, and equip every Christian in the state of Pennsylvania on the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, both locally and globally. We are a statewide nonprofit that is currently active in 16 of Pennsylvania’s counties that seeks to bridge the gap between the desperate needs in the child welfare system and Pennsylvania churches. Our vision is to serve every county in PA, and we are currently working to launch in Armstrong.

We are requesting $9,000 to officially begin our work in the area. This money will help us begin developing Care Communities for foster families and provide items and services requested by families in need. A care community is a group of 4-5 volunteers that provide support to foster and adoptive families for one year. The support they provide can range from providing childcare to dropping off meals once a month. KFA recruits, trains, launches, and maintains these Care Communities. We also provide support by promoting foster care and encouraging families to open their hearts and homes to children.


wish updated:  12/07/2023
wish expires:  07/01/2024

Kingdom Come Ministries International, Inc.
Requesting: $15,000

To demolish an unsafe vacant house adjacent to our Church building which will serve to enforce the vision and missions of our organization by expanding the property for community outreach and lay the foundation to develop a Biblical Botanical Park for future generations.

Wish updated: 07/26/2023
Wish expires: 12/31/2023

Leechburg Area Community Association
Requesting: Any amount

In preparation for Leechburg’s 175th anniversary the Leechburg Area Community Association (LACA) has many plans in store. The hope is that upgrades can be made to the community area for not only the community families and friends but to visitors coming in or passing through the community.

Request for Current basketball court

Currently there is a basketball court and tennis court that has seen better days. The tennis court needs to be resurfaced to include pickle ball. Picnic tables and a gaga pit are also a wish for the future.

Request for New street signs

LACA is looking to the future and as street signs need replaced, signs will be replaced with one with an updated look to enhance the downtown area.

Request for Lighting for the pavilion/gazebo

As progress continues with the bike trail that will be routed through Leechburg, the pavilion/gazebo by the river would enhance travelers experience and offer a safer place in the evenings.

Request for Leechburg Area Library

Currently the library contains two community computers amount all of the books. Additional funding is needed to offer programs for adults and children of all ages.

Wish updated 3/1/2023. 
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Leechburg Public Library
Requesting: $3,000

To purchase storytime-stem packs to use in our storytime programs. These packs work with books and stem programs that include computers, engineering, math and science.

Wish updated 7/21/2023
Wish Expires 12/31/2023

Lower Kiski EMS, Search & Rescue Division
Requesting: $5,000

The Water Rescue Team is looking to purchase a fire pump for our primary River Rescue Boat, a 23’ Carolina Skiff.  We have identified through our Area Risk Assessment that there is a lack of fire protection on the Allegheny River from the Freeport pool up to and past the Kittanning Pool. If granted, this would be the only boat from lock 5 above to have this capability. This would be to assist fire departments if there were a boat fire in the middle of the river or to access a brush fire on the river bank that would be hard to access. We are looking to purchase a slightly larger pump that would also allow us to be utilized as a water supply source in remote locations along the river where fire hydrants are not present.


Wish Updated: 02/13/2023 
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Orphans of the Storm
Requesting: $10,000

Orphans’ kennel is a 1,500 SF shelter, built in 1971.  It is too small for the current and future pet needs.  Recent highway work has caused frequent flooding from a nearby pond and stream, necessitating immediate evacuation of the animals, putting employees and volunteers at risk, and damaging the facility and records.  

wish updated 10/21/2022
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Ramps of Hope
Requesting: Any Amount

Ramps of Hope is a ministry of the United Methodist Church, Indiana District, which covers Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson and parts of Clearfield Counties.  Our mission is simply to help people with limited mobility have easy access in and out of their own homes.  We build ramps of treated lumber that are temporary but very strong and sturdy to accomplish this purpose.  We have been in existence since 2011 and have built over 720 ramps across the four county area since that time.

Armstrong County entered the program in 2013.  We've had one or two teams of volunteers every year that build, and they have constructed over 200 ramps since entering the ministry.  The ramps are built in 4'x6' sections off site.  On the day of a build, these are trailered to the recipient's home, along with posts and railing materials and any turn sections needed, and assembled.   Assembly time varies depending on the length and difficulty of the ramp but is usually done in just a few hours.

Every year as word of our work spreads, we see an increase in the need for this service so funding is something we are constantly pursuing.  We do not charge recipients for ramps. Rather, we ask them for any donation they can manage to give.  We do, on occasion, get very nice donations from recipients and, once in a while, someone will be able to donate the entire cost of the ramp.  However, much more often, recipients have a very meager income and can donate little or nothing for their ramp.  We understand this and will find ways to obtain the funding so all ramps that are doable can be built.  All labor from intake through building is done by volunteers. We must pay for all building materials--treated lumber, (the most expensive part), screws, bolts, concrete slabs, and any other pieces a ramp might require.  As examples, some ramps need gravel or asphalt material at the ends of them. In addition, we purchase the large table saws that are needed and as many tools as we can for teams so workers don't have to bring their own.  Tools wear out and need replaced. Ramps have cost anywhere from $150 to over $2,500 with an average cost of $800-$900. We require that when a ramp is no longer needed at a site, we are contacted to recover it. Recycling recovered pieces into new ramps helps reduce the costs.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022 
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Reagan's Journey
Requesting: $250
Our FREE pediatric equipment and medical supply closet has just celebrated 5 years of operation and we’ve sent out over $500,000 worth of equipment and medical supplies like wheelchairs, walkers, and standers to children who are waiting upwards of 6 months for their custom equipment to arrive and others who need life-saving supplies that are simply out of stock or delayed.

We are excited to announce that we are opening another pediatric equipment and supply closet just like ours in Lancaster, PA to reach hundreds more families like the ones here in our region. We will be opening it in late October and we need a laptop for the Lancaster Director to operate her check-out process when families pick up items.

Requesting: $200
The opening of a second pediatric equipment closet means we have a need for a second business phone line to serve the families in the Lancaster region. We would like to purchase a refurbished iPhone to use for this purpose. We have utilized one here at our Freeport location and it has been largely helpful for scheduling appointments, sharing resources, and directing others to us.

 Wish Updated: 10/21/2022 
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

Rural Valley Methodist Church
Requesting: $16,000

The Rural Valley Methodist Church needs a new boiler/furnace. It has been repaired several times and now the HVAC personnel say they need a new one since the repairman is unable to obtain parts for . The church is holding fundraisers to help with the expense. The church  currently has $5,000 for the down payment.

Any donation is appreciated. Please contact Dee Detweiler at (724) 783-6847.

819 Main Street
Rural Valley , PA, 16249


Wish Updated: 10/16/2023
Wish expires: 5/1/2024

Shannock Valley Elementary PTO

Requesting: Any Amount

At Shannock Valley Elementary, our parent teacher organization (PTO) provides an opportunity for our parents and guardians to work together with our educators to supplement and enrich the educational process for our students. We help to support our teachers within the classroom as well as provide additional experiences and opportunities for our students that they may not be able to partake in otherwise. We rely solely on the support of our families, teachers, and community for the success of completing our mission.

In addition to our standard school year goals, our PTO is currently undertaking a major playground renovation project. The aging equipment we are looking to replace is approximately 30 years old and is in desperate need of replacing. We would like to replace the current structure with something newer and safer but also to accommodate our school’s growing population of students with disabilities. SVE currently houses the autistic support classroom for ASD, as well as a classroom designed for students needing occupational therapy. Our current equipment does not meet the needs of these students, nor does it provide the engaging environment these students deserve. We want to ensure that our student population is represented in its entirety during the undertaking of this renovation project. We appreciate any help that is available.

Email Address:

wish updated 10/18/2023
wish expires 5/1//2024

South Buffalo Twp. Volunteer Fire Company
Requesting: $5,000

The South Buffalo Twp. Volunteer Fire Company holds a truck and tractor pull benefit event and all proceeds to the recipient chosen. This year’s recipient is Christian Stiehler, who suffered cardiac arrest at 9 months old while on the way to the hospital after contracting COVID. Miraculously, his life was saved but forever changed. Christian has been diagnosed with several conditions/disorders which require extensive therapy and medical equipment that needs to be replaced often due to his continuous growth.

wish updated 10/13/2023
expires: 5/1//2024

The Center Midland
Requesting: $3,500

The Center’s peer mentoring program matches high school students one-to-one with children ages 4-7 years. The mentors are well vetted through our application process and must attend an intensive training. These mentor matches meet once a week on-site to help with homework and tutoring, share a meal, and participate in a variety of activities. The high school mentors learn valuable leadership and mentoring skills, while the mentees receive support through a healthy, positive relationship. Each year we match between 26-30 mentors.

Requesting: $3,500

The Center offers eleven enrichment classes through our after-school program for students in K4-12th grade. Courses in cooking, literary arts, photography, podcasting, gardening, hiking, STEM, visual arts, dance, boxing/fitness, and music give students the opportunity to discover their passion, try new things in a safe space, and develop healthy tools to express themselves and their emotions.

Requesting: $3,500

The Center’s after-school program and summer programs for students in K4-12th grade serves an average of 85 students a day. Provided are healthy meals, group mentoring, physical activity, educational support, one-on-one tutoring, safe space to learn and develop, and social-emotional learning in a trauma-responsive culture.

Wish updated 06/28/2023
Wish expires:  12/01/2023

The Foundation for Christian Counseling
Requesting: $3,000

Mission: The Foundation for Christian Counseling (FFCC) mission is to increase access to mental health resources that utilize genuine community resources, for those who are in crisis or struggle with pervasive mental health issues and addictions. The FFCC promotes clinical resources that are evidence based or empirically validated forms of mental health treatment. Beyond this important standard, the FFCC seeks to provide vital community resources, through its partnerships with local church organizations in Armstrong County.

Ongoing Project: Subsidize mental health & addiction counseling, by providing counseling grants to low-income people, who cannot afford the needed treatment otherwise. 

Individual Counseling Grants - Since our inception, the FFCC has subsidized clinical counseling for low-income people or those without insurance by providing counseling grants. Currently, we are also receiving requests for financial help from low-income people who have insurance but cannot afford the high copay or deductible associated with their coverage. This program supports low-income people who are suffering with mental health or addiction issues. The average grant is $350 per individual and is approved for 12 sessions of clinical counseling, either in person or online.

Total Program Budget:  $167,000

wish updated 07/01/2023
Wish expires:  12/01/2023


If you are a nonprofit interested in submitting information for the grant wish list, please complete the Grant Wish List Request Form and email to or call 724-548-5897 for more information.