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Grant Wish List

The grant wish list is a simple listing of any granting needs from area nonprofits that are served by the Community Foundation.  Submissions to be included are accepted at any time and will be added to the list as we receive them.  This list can be especially helpful for our donor advisors so that they can see what immediate needs there are in our community that align with their interests.  Not only is this list available to the public here on our website, but we also directly share it with our donor advisors and with local media.  Our goal is to help as many nonprofits secure the funding that they need to meet their mission and goals.


Apollo Area Historical Society
Requesting: $3,500 (Total)

1. We are requesting $2,000 to purchase archival supplies to be used in the organizing, maintaining, and preservation, of the artifacts endeared to the Apollo Area Historical Society's Museum, located in the WCTU building, Apollo, PA.  We would like to purchase proper acid free archival supplies from the Gaylord Archival catalog.

2. We are requesting $1,500 to cover the expense for the reproduction of historical photographs and documents endeared to Apollo Historical Society's Museum.  This will allow the public to view them at our museum without subjecting the original photos and documents to the elements that would cause deterioration.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Apraxia Kids
Requesting: $5,000

Apraxia Kids is an organization that strengthens the support systems in the lives of children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) by educating professionals and families; facilitating community engagement and outreach; and investing in the future through advocacy and research. We are requesting $5,000 to expand our reach to underserved populations where appropriate services are sparse and knowledge of childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), and the supports and resources of Apraxia Kids, is limited. We believe that every child with apraxia of speech can reach their highest communication potential if given opportunities.

Therefore, we are seeking support to focus on an outreach and awareness campaign sharing education and resources across Armstrong County. To reach these diverse communities, our goal is to provide information to school-based personnel who see these children daily (especially speech-language pathologists (SLPs)), in libraries where families go to seek out resources, and in the hands of healthcare professionals who provide their care. In addition, training would be accessible to school-based SLPs so that appropriate services are available to children where they spend most of their time each week.

Wish updated 10/21/2022

Beverly's Birthdays
Requesting: $2,500

Since January of 2021, Beverley's Birthdays has been partnering with Armstrong County Early Head Start and Armstrong County Early Intervention services to celebrate the birthdays of children/families in need in these programs.

A Birthday Cheer Bin, which is the gift package, includes new toys, books, crayons, snacks, and hygiene items. Additionally, we also provide a Birthday in a Bag, which includes cake mix, frosting, paper products, and more.

Beverley's Birthdays mission is to provide birthday cheer for children experiencing homelessness and families in need. We believe that every child, regardless of personal or financial circumstances deserves to have a very special day.

We just started supporting families in Armstrong County and look forward to spreading cheer in the region. This gift request will help us support the birthdays of 50 children.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Blessings of Hope
Requesting: Any amount

Ongoing cost of fuel for distributing food to over 500 different non-profit organizations throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Blessings of Hope is a nonprofit food dissemination center created to be a vital link in the American food chain. Large corporations can efficiently donate food through Blessings of Hope to accomplish zero food waste and give back to the global community. Together with our staff and volunteers, we repackage foods into manageable sizes and organize it for efficient distribution.

Producing & delivering the equivalent of 2 MILLION meals every month allows us to empower regional ministries, churches, disaster relief organizations, and food banks to serve their local communities through feeding the hungry and bringing hope to the hurting.

Wish updated: 10/21/2022

Project: Fuel Fund
Requesting: $5,000

Utilizing our own trucks, we can deliver thousands of boxes of food inexpensively to wherever the need is at the time. We supply more than 500 local, regional and state food bank/ministry facilities yearly. We are also prepared to respond immediately to disaster relief needs such as tornados, hurricanes and floods. Even without the current rising costs, fuel is a major expense but one that is vital to our mission of distributing food to those who are hungry and hurting.

Wish updated 10/21/2022


Come, Talk Inc.
Requesting: $5,000

Monetary support will help allow Come, Talk to continue to offer its free services to those in need. Our services include on-on-one visits at the center, printed & electronic materials, self-care classes, guest speaker events, support groups, small group meetings, and community outreach. Our website is and we can be reached at

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Community Guidance Center
Requesting: Any amount or items donated

The Community Guidance Center is seeking donations to start a new "Sanctuary Closet" project. The project's purpose is to provide personal hygiene supplies for our consumers. We are a charity-based, community mental health care provider. Most of our consumers are on fixed incomes and receive public assistance. Household funds limit the ability to purchase personal hygiene items for our consumers. One person explained, "When you must decide to eat or wash your clothes, well, food will always win." CGC will start the Sanctuary Closet to help their consumers; however, the long-term vision is to grow and help anyone in need within the counties we serve.

We have identified the most requested items: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, feminine sanitary items, lotion, bath soap, shampoo, and conditioner. We are in the process of building our donor base for this much needed endeavor. We welcome individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations and churches as well as schools and clubs to help us collect the items listed above. 100% of all cash donations will be used to purchase needed items.

Any amount or donation drive is appreciated. If your business or church is interested in helping please let Armstrong County Community Foundation know or contact Sherry
Skidmore at

Wish updated 12/230/2022

Dayton Area Local History Society
Requesting: $1,000

Hot Water Tank Replacement.

Requesting: $4,000

We would like to replace the current 45-year-old linoleum with more period-looking laminate or wood plank flooring.

Our Goals:
• To update the kitchen floor to preserve the integrity of the house.
• To improve the period look of the house.
• To facilitate easier maintenance, routine cleaning and sanitation of the kitchen area of the house.

Requesting: $5,000

Replacement of kitchen floor in the Marshall House.

Requesting: Any Amount

Donations to help cover upkeep/expenses due to 2020 pandemic. We missed a year of fundraising; and 2021 is limited with opportunities.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Divine Redeemer School
Requesting: $2,500

I wish to create a weekly story time for our preschool students for two, three and four year old students. As a result of Covid-19 many children were deprived of engaging experiences with literature, due to masking,  social distancing and other factors that were necessary during Covid-19. Our hope is to use literature based activities with stories, crafts, and engagement by the Principal, to create tremendous social interaction among our students. 

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Don't Stop Dreamin'
Requesting: $1,050

Project: Don’t Stop Dreamin’, Quality Life Services Sugar Creek

Don ‘t Stop Dreamin’ would like to purchase 6 raised garden beds for our nursing home residents living in our Sugar Creek location.  Our residents love gardening and enjoy being outside.  Having a garden provides our residents with the feeling of being needed along with an activity for them to take part in each week.  Because our clientele is mostly the elderly, we need raised gardening beds so that our residents are able to sit in their wheelchairs while gardening.  Also, the food that is raised by our resident gardeners will be used by our dietary team in the foods that are prepared for our residents.  We have 158 people who reside at our Sugar Creek location. 

Therefore, thousands of people will benefit from their raised garden beds for years to come. Each bed is $175 and we would like to purchase six so that many residents are able to take advantage of the gardens.  If you are unable to assist in the purchase of all six beds, we welcome any donation that you’re able to give.

Wish updated 10/21/2022

Project: Sensory Life Stations
Requesting: $3,950

As a person with any form of dementia or Alzheimer's Disease progresses in the disease, they experience a loss of the sensory stimulation due to the isolation and confusion, as well as physical limitations they face. Sensory stimulation activities work best when they’re linked to interests the person had prior to dementia to help rebuild a connection to everyday life. If a patient spent most of their younger years taking care of the family, there’s proof that a nursery setting complete with dolls, crib, bottles and baby clothes to fold, reduces symptoms of distress.  The same way if someone spend their free time tinkering on items, they would enjoy a simulated hardware store. Therefore, we are requesting $3950 to provide our Secured Memory Unit with props that simulate an office setting, indoor garden, a hardware store, a nursery and childcare station.  Therefore, we are requesting $3950 to provide our Secured Memory Unit in Armstrong County with props that simulate an office setting, indoor garden, a hardware store, a nursery and childcare station.  

Wish updated 10/21/2022

Embrace Grace/Bloom Boutique
Requesting: $2,500

EG is a nonprofit that helps support single, pregnant women (off all ages) . Throughout our 12 week course, we share the love of Jesus with them & walk beside them as they journey into motherhood. We provide a free baby shower/princess day for them. We also, run a free boutique that provides all baby items. Everything is donation based.

There are 2 reasons for our request. Our boutique is always in need of more expensive items like strollers, pack n plays, formula, etc. If we had the money, we could purchase new items for those in need. Also, each baby registry that we do cost around $500. The community has been wonderful with helping supply the registry items, but when we have more than 2 women in our program at a time, it becomes more difficult to cover all the necessary items. The money will lift the heavy burdens off the shoulders of mothers who can't afford the basic needs to raise their child.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Ford City Police Department
Requesting: $14,242.24

We are requesting funding to help purchase 5 Taser & Basil Bundle. Taser is an electroshock weapon used as a less lethal alternative to handle (incapacitate) people in a safe manner. Bundle includes 5 Tasers/holsters and cartridges.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association
Project: Tractor
Requesting: $50,000

A tractor is needed for almost all activities at the Park, including arena maintenance. The current tractor is too small for these activities, obsolete and replacement parts are no longer available.   Members of the Board developed the specifications for the tractor and the Board sought bids for the purchase.  Financing is proving difficult given the Foundation non-profit status and that neither the Foundation nor the Association receives funding form anything other than modest user fees. 

Wish updated 10/21/2022

Foundation for Free Enterprise Education (FFEE)
Requesting: $2,780

The Foundation for Free Enterprise Education is seeking funding so four Armstrong County high school students can participate in the award-winning Pennsylvania Free
Enterprise Week (PFEW) program in the summer of 2023. At PFEW, students will:
- Learn all aspects of modern business including production, budgeting, management, finance, marketing, profit and loss, financial statements and more
- Develop job ready skills like teamwork, communication, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration
- Discover a variety of careers and interests, develop a strong work ethic, and build a mentor network 
- Prepare for direct entry into the workforce or higher education

Each $695 sponsorship pays for all educational activities, program materials, food, lodging and direct program expenses for a six-day intensive economic education on a college campus. All FFEE programs are approved to receive funding through DCED’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. FFEE is an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO).

PFEW is a proven component of effective workforce and leadership development and is critical to Pennsylvania’s future. This education is unavailable anywhere else, and it ignites a passion for business and private enterprise that will help our young people and our communities secure a stable future for us all.

Wish updated 11/01/222

Freeport Area Library 
Requesting: $2,989

Project: Creation of a Community Conference Room

.At the present time, the library has a reference room filled with encyclopedias and reference books which are not used. We feel this room would be better used to serve the needs of the community for a meeting/event space. In addition, this room would be used for student tutoring. Funds will be used to purchase conference room chairs, guest chairs and wall covering. Our hope is to create a modern space that will attract community children's groups as well as adult groups and non-profits for meetings and events.

Wish updated 10/21/2022

German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, Pennsylvania
Requesting: $2,000 total

GSP Rescue needs to increase capacity to take in more surrendered dogs in Pennsylvania including Armstrong County and have them vetted including spayed and neutered in order to rehome healthy dogs with less chance for uterine infections, breast tumors, testicular cancer and prostrate problems. Funding will be used for veterinarian costs for spaying and neutering. 
Requesting: $500

GSP Rescue wishes to provide enrichment opportunities to volunteers who permanently foster surrendered senior dogs in Pennsylvania including Armstrong County. These funds will be used for veterinarian costs, special senior food, biscuits, treats, orthopedic beds and pillows and other special needs of senior dogs.
Requesting: $1,000

GSP Rescue wishes to send each dog to its “furever” home in Pennsylvania including Armstrong County with Adoption Packages. Each dog is then guaranteed to be safely equipped with a collar and leash to encourage proper exercising in their new home. Funding will be used for collars, leashes, gentle leaders sports treat pouches and liver biscotts.
Requesting: $500

wish updated 10/21/22

Good News India
Requesting:  Any amount

We are Good News India a 501(c)3 organization located in Phoenix, Arizona, working predominantly in India. I request funding from your foundation to support orphaned or needy children and lepers in India. Our mission is to transform communities in Eastern India (particularly the states of Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh) through these Educational institutions (called Dream Centers) and Leper Homes (Cities of Refuge).

Dream Centers are 24/7 care centers for destitute and orphaned children, providing food, housing, supervised care, love, healthcare facilities, and a complete educational program that includes college or vocational training. We run the world's largest network of 24/7 care centers.

We own and operate 30 "Dream Centers" and have rescued several thousand children from a life of utter hopelessness and quiet desperation. Hundreds of our graduates are gainfully employed and living out their dreams. Our present statistics show around two thousand children rescued from bonded slavery and some 800 girls rescued from being trafficked.

Good News India also operates a Leper Colony called "The City of Refuge" with 30 adults and 140 children/grandchildren. Good News India also provides for about 800 lepers in seven different areas of the Leper Colonies. Our City of Refuge includes an on-site residential school for the children and grandchildren of lepers.

For more information, we can be reached Monday to Friday during regular business hours or by phone at 1-855-464-2445 or email us  at 

Wish updated 01/19/2023


Harvest Baptist Academy 
Requesting: Any Amount

1. In the spring of 2021, we broke ground on our technology center and greenhouse. All of the planning and fundraising was completed pre-Covid and the prices have gone up considerably. Much of the building supplies have gone up 20-50%, and lumber has almost tripled. We estimate the cost to complete the project will be $27,000 more than was initially projected.

2. Along with additional construction costs, we will need to purchase necessary items for the educational building programs: the greenhouse, digital arts, home economics, woodshop, and art rooms. Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated.

3. We are requesting funding to enhance and expand our music department. We are requesting funding to purchase items such as new instruments and general supplies to start a band for our middle and high school students.

4. We are also requesting new student lockers and cubbies for elementary and high school students. We are experiencing rapid growth and new lockers are needed to help with our expansion. 

5. Harvest Baptist Academy is building a greenhouse to teach students about agriculture and giving back to their local communities by way of donating fresh produce to local food banks.  They will also be learning business skills on  how to market and sell produce to nearby neighborhoods. They will provide produce to the school's hot lunch program.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2021

Harvest Community Church
Requesting: $5,000

Tuition assistance for Perspectives class.  This 15 week program prepares students to “use what’s in you to bless the world around you”.  This class is open to all generations and all churches.  Students are empowered to change their perspective and serve in the here and now not waiting for the perfect time and place.  This class is life changing, church changing, and community changing.

wish updated 11/08/2022

Hope House of Cumberland Valley
Requesting: $50,000

We are a faith-based nonprofit that seeks to provide transformative transitional housing to women who have escaped domestic violence in the Cumberland County area. No transitional housing is available in the Carlisle, PA area. The one DV shelter is filled to capacity. Women there have about 30 - 60 days to find a job and a place to live. Without a housing option, many are forced to return to their abuser or remain homeless.

Our desire to acquire a 5 - 6 bedroom, 3-bathroom home in Carlisle to provide low rent housing for women who desire to escape domestic violence and to heal from their traumatic experiences. Additionally, we will give these women multifaceted, trauma informed, supportive services to facilitate their movement into permanent housing and to become emotionally, financially, spiritually, psychologically and physically healthy. All of the funds requested will be used for acquisition. Once established, Hope House will use the income from rents to maintain a self-supporting home. We will be working in partnership with the Domestic Violence emergency shelter who will provide counseling and case management for our residents for a 1 - 2-year period.

wish updated 11/7/2022

Hospice Services
Requesting: $1,200

The Hospice team wants to create a music therapy and enrichment. program within its spiritual counseling area.  This funding would be used to purchase musical instruments needed to create the new program. Engaging in music provides hospice patients with a non-verbal form of connection and expression.  It also serves as a tool for physical meditation and can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Wish Updated 10/21/2022

Indiana County Public Safety Academy
Requesting: $4,000

The Indiana County Public Safety Academy is seeking funding for new tables and chairs at our training facility for in-person classes. The Academy provides training to over 1,000 students annually from law enforcement, Fire/Rescue, EMS and private industry. As an Educational Training Authority under the PA State Fire Academy program, our programs are attended by first responders and industry agencies from various counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania (primarily from Indiana, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Allegheny, Clearfield, Jefferson and Cambria counties). Approximately 12.5% of our attendees are from Armstrong County. Some of the Armstrong Fire Departments which have completed training includes Elderton, Rural Valley, and Dayton. Additionally, individual company members attended program offerings from various departments.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Kittanning Public Library
Requesting: $8,300 total

Requesting: $2,500
We are requesting $2,500.00 to support programming for our annual Summer Reading Program. We would like to bring in presenters to provide quality educational programming and to engage children in fun programs to bring joy to literacy!

Requesting: $1,500
We would like to begin a young adult book club for teens, and we would like to provide snacks and drinks during the program.

Requesting: $1,800
We would like to invite a local florist to come and do a flower-arranging program for adults at the library.

Requesting: $2,500
We would like to invite Carnegie Science Center and STEM Coding Lab Pittsburgh to do science-related programming at the library.

Wish updated 12/22/2022

League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania
Requesting: $6,000

Project: Voter Services Project

In Pennsylvania, we are currently witnessing an unprecedented test of our most fundamental democratic principles and systems. In the high-stakes 2022 election cycle, we are witnessing attempts to limit access to the polls, to challenge free and fair election results, and to stifle the voices of Pennsylvania voters. Through our Voter Services project, League members and supporters work tirelessly to address these enormous challenges.

Funding will support our nonpartisan election work, including but not limited to:
1) Poll worker recruitment and education
2) Nonpartisan voter education through our ballot tool Vote411 and our webinar series "Ballot Box Basics"
3) Statewide candidate forums for the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, and U.S. Senator to Pennsylvania
4) In-person and virtual voter registration efforts across Pennsylvania
5) Election day support for voters who trust the League for nonpartisan, fact-based election information.

All of our voter education work will reflect the LWVPA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy,
and seeks to engage voters historically excluded from the election process.

Wish updated 10/21/2022

Orphans of the Storm
Requesting: $10,000

Orphans’ kennel is a 1,500 SF shelter, built in 1971.  It is too small for the current and future pet needs.  Recent highway work has caused frequent flooding from a nearby pond and stream, necessitating immediate evacuation of the animals, putting employees and volunteers at risk, and damaging the facility and records.  

wish updated 10/21/2022

Ramps of Hope
Requesting: Any Amount

Ramps of Hope is a ministry of the United Methodist Church, Indiana District, which covers Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson and parts of Clearfield Counties.  Our mission is simply to help people with limited mobility have easy access in and out of their own homes.  We build ramps of treated lumber that are temporary but very strong and sturdy to accomplish this purpose.  We have been in existence since 2011 and have built over 720 ramps across the four county area since that time.

Armstrong County entered the program in 2013.  We've had one or two teams of volunteers every year that build, and they have constructed over 200 ramps since entering the ministry.  The ramps are built in 4'x6' sections off site.  On the day of a build, these are trailered to the recipient's home, along with posts and railing materials and any turn sections needed, and assembled.   Assembly time varies depending on the length and difficulty of the ramp but is usually done in just a few hours.

Every year as word of our work spreads, we see an increase in the need for this service so funding is something we are constantly pursuing.  We do not charge recipients for ramps. Rather, we ask them for any donation they can manage to give.  We do, on occasion, get very nice donations from recipients and, once in a while, someone will be able to donate the entire cost of the ramp.  However, much more often, recipients have a very meager income and can donate little or nothing for their ramp.  We understand this and will find ways to obtain the funding so all ramps that are doable can be built.  All labor from intake through building is done by volunteers. We must pay for all building materials--treated lumber, (the most expensive part), screws, bolts, concrete slabs, and any other pieces a ramp might require.  As examples, some ramps need gravel or asphalt material at the ends of them. In addition, we purchase the large table saws that are needed and as many tools as we can for teams so workers don't have to bring their own.  Tools wear out and need replaced. Ramps have cost anywhere from $150 to over $2,500 with an average cost of $800-$900. We require that when a ramp is no longer needed at a site, we are contacted to recover it. Recycling recovered pieces into new ramps helps reduce the costs.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Reagan's Journey
Requesting: $600

Reagan's Journey pediatric equipment and medical supply closet is the ONLY FREE organization in PA that provides life-sustaining medical equipment to children with special needs without insurance or proof of medical necessity. The Closet is uniquely poised to bridge healthcare gaps for children with special needs. Families have been assisted in Allegheny, Armstrong, and 13 surrounding counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We’ve also helped families from Ohio and West Virginia.

Each week we accept used and new items into our Pediatric Equipment and Medical Supply Closet from families, social workers, therapists, hospitals, and other agencies. Unfortunately, sometimes the donated items come in because a child has passed away. The family no longer has a need for these once precious and treasured items and there is no one who can take used equipment in and see it be re-homed to help another family like we can.

Because of this, we started our Blanket Campaign in 2020 as a means to provide comfort and care to a grieving family. We purchase large, velvet plush blankets and sew on our Reagan's Journey logo with a note of encouragement to each family. It's our hope that they will always feel like they are a part of our community and that their child's life has purpose and meaning. Their child's items will go on to positively impact many families and in some small way we hope that brings encouragement in light of such pain. In previous years, we had nothing to place in a family's arms after they had given us everything from their child. This project has positively fulfilled that need.

In 2021, we sent out 6 blankets and in 2022 we sent out 12. We want to be sure we can fulfill this same need in 2023.

We are requesting ten (20) blankets purchased from an outside vendor at $30 each for a total of

$600. The cost of labels is factored into the price.

 Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Redbank Valley Trails Association (RVTA)
Requesting: $5,000

We would like to install a pit toilet and/or shelter along the trail to help cut our port-a-john annual expenses of over $,4600 and/or to provide shelter in inclement weather for trail users.

Requesting: Any Amount

Donation and grants of any amount are used by our volunteer based organization to maintain and improve 51 miles of non-motorized, 4 season, recreational rails to trails that are open to the public and run between the Allegheny River and Brookville along Red Bank Creek, connecting at the Allegheny River with the Armstrong Trail. Shelters are also available for overnight camping.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

Sage's Army, Inc.
Requesting: $5,000

Sage’s Army, Inc. is a non-profit Recovery Community Organization with two locations in Westmoreland County, Greensburg and Irwin. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive community-based recovery community organization that supports individuals and families through recovery support services, support groups and meetings, advocacy efforts, and education.

These funds will help us to continue to provide completely free and zero-barrier services to individuals with substance use disorders and their family members/loved ones. Every month, we have approximately 1,100 interactions with community members through peer support services, support groups, our 24/7 HelpLine, and events throughout the community. With your help, we can continue to help save lives and offer the support and resources people need and deserve.

wish updated 10/21/2022

Sugarcreek Township & Park Committee
Requesting: $3,500

Sugarcreek Park is a municipal facility in northwest Armstrong County. Established in the 90's, its facilities have expanded for public enjoyment & recreation ... athletic fields, trails, pavilions, playground, school field trips, etc. Our Park Committee oversees operations with very limited funding. Following years of use, some facilities now suffer from needed maintenance & show disrepair. The Committee is requesting $3,500 or any available amount to purchase paint, lumber, small tools, etc. for volunteers & local groups to help restore park conditions.

Wish updated 11/08/2022 

Sugarcreek Township Volunteer Fire Department

Requesting:  Any amount
In need of funding to make yearly payments of $35,000 - any amount is greatly appreciated.

Wish updated 10/21/2022

The Center Midland
Requesting: $3,000

To continue to provide strong youth development programming for children age K4 through college. This includes after-school programs, meals, tutoring, enrichment classes in visual arts, music, theater, boxing, cooking, literary arts, and STEM. It also includes a variety of off-site educational trips and camps.

Requesting: $3,000

Brief Description of Wish: Our peer mentoring program matches one high school student with one child age 4-7 years. The mentors meet weekly with their mentees on-site to build relationship, help with homework, share a meal, and participate in a variety of activities. The mentors receive trainings and develop leadership skills, and the mentees have a strong positive role model to work with them. Funding would help provide supplies and trainings.

Requesting: $2,000

Brief Description of Wish: Our wholistic women’s health program is in its inaugural year. Programs are offered weekly for women at no cost to provide opportunities to develop healthy behaviors and skills. The focus is on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We will also be launching 8 week programs which foster healing for widows, victims of abuse, and victims of assault. Funding will help to provide all of the materials and supplies needed to facilitate the programs.

Wish updated 10/21/2022

The Foundation for Christian Counseling
Requesting: $3,000

Mission: The Foundation for Christian Counseling (FFCC) mission is to increase access to mental health resources that utilize genuine community resources, for those who are in crisis or struggle with pervasive mental health issues and addictions. The FFCC promotes clinical resources that are evidence based or empirically validated forms of mental health treatment. Beyond this important standard, the FFCC seeks to provide vital community resources, through its partnerships with local church organizations in Armstrong County.

Project: Subsidize mental health & addiction counseling, by providing counseling grants to low-income people, who cannot afford the needed treatment otherwise. 

Individual Counseling Grants - Since our inception, the FFCC has subsidized clinical counseling for low-income people or those without insurance by providing counseling grants. Currently, we are also receiving requests for financial help from low-income people who have insurance, but cannot afford the high copay or deductible associated with their coverage. This program supports low-income people, who are suffering with mental health or addiction issues. The average grant is $450 per individual and is approved for 15 sessions of clinical counseling, either in person or online. 

Total Program Budget:  $154,000

wish updated 10/21/2022

University of South Florida
Requesting: $10,000

The funds requested are for laboratory research supplies and a small student salary. The laboratory at the university of South Florida is committed to the education and training of the next generation of researchers by training high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students and medical students for careers in science. We are dedicated to understanding how neuroblastoma cancer cells proliferate in order to develop better therapeutic methods for controlling this disease.

Neuroblastoma is cancer of the nerve cells and it mostly affects children. The goals of the research are to determine how protein kinase C enzymes (PKC) control proliferation of cancer cells and to identify drugs that will block PKCs and the proliferation of cancer.

wish updated 01/25/2023

Western Pennsylvania Folds of Honor
Requesting: $5,000

Folds of Honor is a 501c(3) non-profit organization with the mission of providing educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America's service-members who were fallen or disabled during active duty in the United States Armed Forces. These scholarships support private educational tuition and tutoring for children in grades K-12, as well as higher education tuition assistance for spouses and dependents in Western, PA.

Wish Updated: 10/21/2022

If you are a nonprofit interested in submitting information for the grant wish list, please email or call 724-548-5897 for more information.