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Grant Wish List

The grant wish list is a simple listing of any granting needs from area nonprofits that are served by the Community Foundation.  Submissions to be included are accepted at any time and will be added to the list as we receive them.  This list can be especially helpful for our donor advisors so that they can see what immediate needs there are in our community that align with their interests.  Not only is this list available to the public here on our website, but we also directly share it with our donor advisors and with local media.  Our goal is to help as many nonprofits secure the funding that they need to meet their mission and goals.


Alliance for Nonprofit Resources, Inc.
Requesting: $5,556

The Soap & Hope Project will focus on supporting center participants in maintaining their hygiene, pride, and confidence.  The project involves the construction of a small laundry area with a commercial washer and drying for the participants to utilize while at the center.  Many KEC (Kittanning Empowerment Center) participants live on fixed incomes and have limited access to laundry facilities.  The KEC staff have noted that some participants struggle to afford to do their laundry in laundromats or at pay machines in their high rise apartment buildings.

Wish updated 2/3/2021

Apollo Area Historical Society
Requesting: $6,500 (Total)

1. We are requesting $3,000 to repair/rebuild and extend the split rail fence at Drake Log Cabin.  This fence will define the property line and maintain the rustic appearance of the cabin, the oldest structure in Apollo Borough.

2. We are requesting $2,000 to purchase archival supplies to be used in the organizing, maintaining, and preservation, of the artifacts endeared to the Apollo Area Historical Society's Museum, located in the WCTU building, Apollo, PA.  We would like to purchase proper acid free archival supplies from the Gaylord Archival catalog.

3. We are requesting $1,500 to cover the expense for the reproduction of historical photographs and documents endeared to Apollo Historical Society's Museum.  This will allow the public to view them at our museum without subjecting the original photos and documents to the elements that would cause deterioration.

Wish updated 6/10/2021.

Apollo Memorial Library
1. Requesting: $2,000

We wish to reinstate our Gaming at the Library night. This program is for those ages 8-18. It is a monthly gaming competition. The program runs with a pre-registration for signup and is done in a bracket format. The game will be selected by the teen volunteers that help run the program. Top three winners receive prizes of Amazon gift cards in different increments. This proposal is to host 12 Gaming at the Library nights. The money requested would cover the costs of the prizes, pizza & drinks, and new games for the systems.

Before COVID-19 shut us down, we had our biggest success in our Gaming at the Library night in January 2020. We believe that with funds to assist with the costs of the program we can bring this difficult age group back to our library.

We would like to start this program back up in August 2021, but frequency (monthly or quarterly) would be determined if we receive this grant or not. We just don't have the funding to allot to this program monthly.

$   360    prizes
$1,440    for pizza & drinks
$   200    for new Switch & Xbox One games
Total: $2,000

ARC Manor
Requesting: $950

Telehealth equipment for clients and staff to enhance treatment and accessibility to supportive resources.  Equipment includes laptop, router, and tablets. 

Requesting: $300

Personal Protective Equipment and sanitization supplies to help ensure safety for our clients and our staff.  PPE will include masks, gowns, gloves, sanitizer, thermometers, etc. 

Requesting: $1,000

Recreational activity/therapy supplies.  These will be utilized for our residential clients to engage in recreational therapy activities.  Supplies will used for activities such as: yoga, art supplies, crafts, journaling, games, music, gardening, cooking, and exercising. 


Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Armstrong County Community Action Agency
Requesting: See below

We are a community-based grassroots organization serving the low-income and disadvantaged.

This funding would address three different areas:

(1)  Deep cleaning of the office complex to provide a safe environment for staff and consumers

(2)  Consumable cleaning supplies to maintain a safe environment

(3)  Social distancing signage for a safe environment


WASHABLE MASKS (100) - $150.00


SANITIZER REFILL (10) - $400.00

LATEX FREE GLOVES (3-100 PACK) - $90.00


CLOROX SPRAY (12-19 OZ. CANS) - $65.00


BLEACH (20 GALLONS) - $60.00

SNEEZE GUARDS (20) - $2,599.80



Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Beverly's Birthdays
Requesting: $5,000

Beverly's Birthdays programs deliver critical human services, support socio-economically disadvantaged populations, and develop healthy family units, all through the lens of birthday celebrations. They provide birthday cheer and critical baby care items for children experiencing homlessness and to families in need. Since inception in 2012, Beverly's Birthdays have grown to serve 30,000 children annually across Allegheny, Westmoreland, Armstrong, and Fayette Counties. Programming is provided year-round, therefore, there is a need for support for growth in the 2021 calendar year.

Wish updated 4/14/2021

Beyond Institute 
Requesting: Any Amount

Beyond Institute seeks to create a global coalition of learners to develop and apply social, emotional, academic, and professional skills through project-based learning so that they are able to compete in the global workforce. Various programs promote the academic and artistic interests of students in grades k-12 in underserved and affluent school districts in Western PA and surrounding communities. Donations allow Beyond Institute to provide programs at no charge, making it accessible to all students. This addresses educational needs in the community for program expansion and curriculum enhancement in schools where budgets are cut and no additional funds are available. The project goal for Western PA is to have the program implemented by July 2021 for the 2021-2022 School year. More specifically, this will allow the organization to grow its course offerings within the Beyond Success Project. This project assists students in exploring key building blocks for their life goals, and more importantly, help them plan for challenges, surprises, and even failures that may arise in life. The focus of the course work focuses on self-awareness, self management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills. All donations are in support of preparing students for future success.

Wish updated 4/14/2021

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Requesting: $3,000

This funding will provide a direct and critical safety net for our patients from Armstrong County. Financial assistance may be for, but not limited to, hospital living expenses; household expenses; utility bills; local lodging; travel; out-of-pocket expenses for medications, treatments, or medical supplies not covered by insurance; meals; and childcare for siblings. This grant will strictly support children and adolescents admitted to the hospital. This project does not have an end date. Charitable donations to Family Support Funds enable the hospital to assist those who need it most, helping ease the financial burden families might face when seeking treatment for their child.

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children, teenagers, and young adults through excellence in patient care, teaching, research, and advocacy. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation is the sole fundraising arm of UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, created in 2001 to protect the hospital's mission.

Wish updated 06/30/2021


Christopher's Light
Requesting: $1,800

We provide solely for the needs of children in Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties by distributing clothing and other necessities. Children also need to learn basic living skills such as good hygiene and nutrition, so we are expanding to provide life skills workshops. Funding will be used to purchase small children's tables and chairs, sensory tables, teaching materials, a refrigerator, and a printer.

Wish updated 06/30/2021

Dayton Area Local History Society
Requesting: $1,000

Hot Water Tank Replacement

Requesting: Any Amount

Donations to help cover upkeep/expenses due to 2020 pandemic. We missed a year of fundraising; and 2021 is limited with opportunities.

Wish updated 5/26/2021

Divine Redeemer School
Requesting: Any Amount

We are requesting funding to greatly enhance the security of our school by installing a building wide communication system for two-way emergency alert purposes.  This system would include a 911 panic alarm button and service all three floors of our building.  The ability to immediately communicate will increase the chances of the safety and welfare of all present.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Don't Stop Dreamin'
Requesting: $2,400

Project: Dream Chasers

Don’t Stop Dreamin’ has formed a partnership with Slippery Rock University in what is called Dream Chasers.  We want to help those in higher education have a better understanding of their career choice.  As part of the curriculum in Healthcare Administration, students must take part in the Dream Chasers program. 

At the beginning of the semester, each student is matched with a resident within Quality Life Services 4 locations: Sugar Creek, Mercer, Chicora and New Castle.  They must meet with their assigned resident for 1 hour a week for six weeks.   Each week students are provided a topic to cover.  They are to begin their first session by asking about the residents’ childhood and continue through the progression of adulthood.  Then the student will focus on asking the resident about their career, hobbies and family life.  Finally, they will conclude the six week program by discussing with the resident if they have any dreams for their future. 

The overall goal of this program is provide students with hands on knowledge of what it is like to be and work in a personal care facility.  We want to provide them with firsthand experience of what a career is like in long-term care.  While we are helping to educate each student we are also providing a rewarding experience for the resident who is sharing their life stories.  At the conclusion of Dream Chasers the student is to identify a possible “Dream” for them.  One resident shared with a student about their love of golf and would enjoy another day on the course.  The student recommended a day of golfing for the resident.  Another resident loved to garden before living in a personal care home, so the student thought a trip to Phipps Conservatory would be a nice dream for her.  A few residents expressed their interest in horse therapy.  There’s evidence that Equine-Assisted Therapy, promotes physical, occupational, and emotional growth in persons Dementia and Depression. At the end of the six weeks, the objective is for the students to have identified a possible dream we could fulfill for their resident.  One student said, “I am grateful to have had this experience to open my eyes and make me think about what is really important in life. In the beginning of the semester, I wanted to join this program because I wanted to impact someone else’s life. Now looking back, I realized that my resident, Beverly, has impacted mine in a significant way.”

We currently have 29 students in our spring Dream Chasers Program and expect about the same in the fall semester.  We are budgeting for 60 students to submit a dream for a resident over the course of 2021.  When we fulfill a dream we also provide two nurses to go along on the dream with the resident to ensure their safety.  With each dream averaging around $300, this would equate to $18,000 to fulfil 60 residents’ dreams.  Therefore, we are requesting $2,400 to assist in fulfilling the dreams of 8 residents in our Worthington, PA location which is in Armstrong County. 

Dream Chasers helps improve the mental health of the residents in our personal care homes along with helping students of higher education understand the importance of taking care of the elderly.  This program offers a non-medical service to a population that is often forgotten about, the elderly.  

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Downtown Kittanning Revitalization
Requesting: $4,850

We are requesting money for the hanging baskets and upkeep on Market Street to keep it looking beautiful! Funding includes the installation, plant medium, labor and watering.

Wish updated 2/3/21.

Evangelical Lutheran School Worthington
Requesting: $2,500

We are seeking funds for the following:

1. $1,000 for the cost of children's school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year.

2. $1,500 to purchase Covid-19 supplies and related items so that our nursery school/kindergarten students, as well as teachers, are protected. It will include: (3) hepa filter air purifiers, student/teacher masks, personal protective equipment, dividers separating students, and hand sanitizer/cleaning supplies.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Fort Armstrong Folk Festival 
Amount Requested: Any amount

Due to the difficult year and being unable to hold our 2020 festival, we need help to make this year, the 50th Anniversary of the Folk Festival extraordinary!

The Folk Festival needs help in covering the cost of the headliner band The Orleans who will be performing on Sunday, August 8, 2021 on the main stage on Water Street. The Orleans is a band from the 1970's with hits "Still the One," "Dance With Me," "Love Takes Time," "Dancin in the Moonlight," and more. The base cost for The Orleans is $10,000. It is the goal of the Folk Festival to provide outstanding entertainment to our local community. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

wish updated 04/13/2021

Fort Armstrong Folk Festival
Requesting: $6,250

It's 2021 and our 50th Anniversary!  Help us celebrate 50 years of this Festival that brings tens of thousands of visitors to Armstrong County each year.  This year's Festival will feature better entertainment, a car cruise, presentation of quilts of valor, and a custom commemorative ornament - in addition to all the activities we bring each year!  We are asking for sponsorships from local businesses as well as grant funding to help cover the additional costs that accompany a 50th anniversary celebration.  Specifically, grant funding is requested for the quilts of valor (5 are being made, one for each branch of the service and will be presented during our opening ceremonies on August 5).  The cost of having the quilts made (handmade by local quilters) is $2,500.  Additionally, we are having a commemorative ornament made to celebrate 50 years of the Fort Armstrong Folk Festival, and will be sold as a fundraiser.  The ornaments will be designed and minted locally, at Wendell August Forge.  The initial cost for 300 of these is $3,750.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association Foundation
Requesting: Any Amount

The Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association provides education and eventing facilities to the equine community as well as other charitable organizations.  The Foundation, through its support of the Association, provides a facility located in Manor Township, Armstrong County known as Crooked Creek Horse Park.  The Park contains 97.5 acres dedicated to equestrian activities, a barn museum, stalls, camping and bath facilities.  The Park provides a facility where the horse and nature enthusiasts can relax, compete and learn.

The Foundation is an all-volunteer organization.  With two arenas, 3 barns, and administration building, concession area, bath house and restrooms, there is never a shortage of projects.  Of the most immediate needs are the following:

  • Upgrade improvements to bleachers
  • Gravel for roads
  • Roof for Administration Building
  • Upgrade soil/footing in Barn #1
  • Re-siding Administration Building
  • Upgrades to kitchen
  • Purchase Mower
  • Repair/upgrade to septic

The cost to undertake these projects are variable and can range from $3,000 to over $100,000.  Based on funds availability projects will be prioritized.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Friends of the Kittanning Public Library
Requesting: $28,000

The Friends of the Kittanning Public Library is raising matching funds for a grant received from the Keystone Recreation, Park, and Conservation Fund. The Kittanning Public Library will undergo a transformation with the installation of new LED lighting, new carpeting, and an updated, expanded security system.  Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

From the Heart Productions | Goldie Smitlener
Requesting: Any Amount

In 2016 Goldie Smitlener completed the film Stolen Path. The project to be completed next is the film Jesus God - Jesus Man. The script alone has already won awards at many festivals. To give full authenticity, support is needed to produce the film. From the Heart Productions is honored to provide fiscal sponsorship for Jesus God - Jesus Man and believe that this project will make a positive contribution to society and to the field of film making. The production company has been successfully funding films since 1993 under the 501(c)(3). They are also classified as a public charity. From the Heart Productions will receive any monetary donations to their Fiscal Sponsorship Program which qualifies as charitable contributions. All funds will be administered by the production company in support of the Jesus God - Jesus Man film making project. 

Wish updated 4/14/2021

Global Fund for Children
Requesting: Any

Global Fund for Children (GFC) is the only global nonprofit dedicated to identifying, funding, and coaching local organizations that empower children and youth and advance their rights. Since 1997, we have invested over $46 million in more than 725 organizations, reaching more than 11 million children and youth worldwide. In 2020 alone, GFC provided over $5M in flexible funds for the benefit of young people in over 45 countries, through 345 local partners.

A mix of institutional foundations, corporations, and individual donors support the mission of GFC. Unrestricted or general operating donations are distributed across all existing programs in order to maximize the resources provided to community organizations and young people across the world.

Global Fund for Children collaborates with community-based organizations that do not typically qualify or receive funding from governments, foundations, and traditional philanthropy due to their size and scope of work. GFC's community partners have an average budget of less than $1M and represent marginalized or under-resourced communities. Through our trust-based, flexible funding model, GFC also serves children and youth who are vulnerable to human traffickers, labor exploitation, abuse, early and unwanted pregnancy, and disconnected from education.

Global Fund for Children strategically unites community leaders and organizations around mutual challenges and geographies in order to help these groups move out of isolation and into collective impact for children and yo0uth. These cohort-structured initiatives consist of 5-20 community partners, working together for several years. You can learn more about these specific initiative by visiting

Wish updated 8/4/2021

Gilpin-Leechburg Recreation Authority
Requesting: Any

We are 6 volunteers that are trying to update our tennis/basketball courts at the Gilpin Leechburg Park located in Gilpin Township. The tennis/basketball courts are 50 years old and need new basketball hoops, new fencing and a new tennis net.  Any money that is donated would go towards updating this area.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Grace Christian School
Requesting: $3,718 (Total)

Grace Christian School is a non-profit, school that follows a basic American principle of choice.  The students who attend here come for a variety of reasons. Primarily parents/guardians choose us to have a quality education that addresses their holistic needs of the spiritual, physical, mental, social, and physiological aspects of education.

Parents/guardians have found through the individual attention due to the smaller classrooms, their child improves not only in education, but their behavior improves at home and in the public arena. Grace Christian is a ministry to the whole family.  

We are requesting funding for the following:

1. $268 for "STEM for All Ages" that will be used to enhance our science, technology, and mathematics curriculum.

2. $3,450 to expand the music curriculum to include more instruments for the students to use. This would allow for a purchase of 49 choir chimes to be used by the younger students individually and begin the process of reading and making music. 

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity
Requested: $2,500 per community per year

We have been given the opportunity to partner with another NGO in Haiti to provide agroecology training to farmers in our four partner communities. They will train 12 farmers from each community over a two-year period in sustainable agriculture to address the food insecurity issue of rural Haiti as well as the environmental impacts of farming practices.

Wish updated 03/01/2021

Home Base Ministries
Requesting: Any ($2,500 total)

Our mission at Home Base Ministries is to invest in the lives of foster and adoptive children and their families, by bringing communities together to provide education, resources, and support. Since we started in October 2019, we have been able to help over 500 families through our various services including our clothing closet, respite nights, hygiene drives, shoe collections, support groups, and our Christmas drive. 

Currently, we are seeking donations for our Easter project.  We will be filling over 200 Easter baskets to be distributed through local agencies to their foster children who are currently in care.  We would love to have you as a partner in this endeavor.  The entire project will cost approximately $2,500, but we would greatly appreciate a monetary donation of any amount.  We will be packing the baskets on March 26th, and will distribute them to the agencies the following week. 

If you have any questions or want more information, visit or e-mail us at 

wish updated 02/15/2021


Indiana County Public Safety Academy
Requesting: $4,020

As an Educational Training Authority under the PA State Fire Academy program, our programs are attended by first responders and industry agencies from various counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania (primarily from Indiana, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Allegheny, Clearfield, Jefferson and Cambria counties). We are in need of new tables and chairs at our training facility for our in-person classes. We estimate it will cost a total of $4,020 for the following: 24 Cushioned Stacking Chairs for use in the main classroom ($1,420) and 10 training tables for use in the main classroom ($2,600).

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Life Choices
Requesting the following:

1. $3,050 for The Inn, Maternity Home. The Inn is in need of an AED-Automated External Defibrillator ($1,500), a snow blower ($450), and two desktop computers - one for resident use/one for the office ($1,000). In addition, staff would like to see the newest curriculum made into workbooks that the women can have to keep and look back on for future use ($100).

2. $3,500 for Vital Training. In the coming year, there are two trainings that we believe are absolutely essential to the success of the organization: House Parent Training ($2,000) and training for a nurse through the national organization NIFLA-National Institute of Family and Life Advocates ($1,500).

3. $1,500 for Executive Office Needs. The staff is in dire need of new conference chairs and new desk chairs.  

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County (PWAC)
Requesting: Any Amount

The Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County, Inc. (PWAC) is a private, non-profit organization that was formed in 1968 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to provide vocational rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. PWAC currently serves more than 100 individuals who have been diagnosed with an intellectual, physical, or emotional disability through its various programs, services, and locations. PWAC is seeking financial donations to support operations and client activities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This includes:

  • Maintenance of vehicles that are used to transport trainees to their employment; 
  • Supplies used to sanitize offices and vehicles;
  • Activities for clients and trainees on-site;
  • Other items, as needed, to support clients and trainees as they work to achieve their goals.

Wish updated 02/03/2021.

Project Bundle-Up
Requesting: $10,000

To assist children and seniors at The Salvation Army Corps. locations in Kittanning, Punxsutawney, and Indiana, which would provide new winter outerwear to 150-200 children and seniors. Our most vulnerable friends and neighbors need winter gear and the warmth of our love to brave the many continued unknown variables due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wish updated 2/3/2021

Ramps of Hope
Requesting: Any Amount

Ramps of Hope is a ministry of the United Methodist Church, Indiana District, which covers Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson and parts of Clearfield Counties.  Our mission is simply to help people with limited mobility have easy access in and out of their own homes.  We build ramps of treated lumber that are temporary but very strong and sturdy to accomplish this purpose.  We have been in existence since 2011 and have built over 450 ramps across the four county area since that time.

Armstrong County entered the program in 2013.  We've had one or two teams of volunteers every year that build, and they have constructed over 150 ramps since entering the ministry.  The ramps are built in 4'x6' sections off site.  On the day of a build, these are trailered to the recipient's home, along with posts and railing materials and any turn sections needed, and assembled.   Assembly time varies depending on the length and difficulty of the ramp but is usually done in just a few hours.

Every year as word of our work spreads, we see an increase in the need for this service so funding is something we are constantly pursuing.  We do not charge recipients for ramps. Rather, we ask them for any donation they can manage to give.  We do, on occasion, get very nice donations from recipients and, once in a while, someone will be able to pay for their ramp.  However, much more often, recipients have a very meager income and can donate little or nothing for their ramp.  We understand this and do our best to obtain the funding so all ramps that are doable can be built.  All labor from intake through building is done by volunteers, mostly from our Methodist churches; however, we are ecumenical on this and readily accept anyone who would like to help!   We must pay for all building materials--treated lumber, (the most expensive part), screws, bolts, concrete slabs, and any other pieces a ramp might require.  As examples, some ramps need gravel or asphalt material at the ends of them.  Ramps have cost anywhere from $150 to over $2,500 with an average cost of $800-$900.  In addition, we purchase the large table saws that are needed and as many tools as we can for teams so workers don't have to bring their own.  Tools wear out and need replaced.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Reagan's Journey
Requesting: $1,000

Reagan's Journey is requesting two 14" laptops for staff to use both at home and at our new Lending Closet space in Oakmont.

Reagan's Journey Lending Closet provides life-sustaining medical equipment to children with special needs. The Lending Closet is uniquely poised to bridge healthcare gaps for children with special needs. Families have been assisted in Allegheny, Armstrong, as well as 13 surrounding counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Lending Closet can provide, at no cost to the families in need, the medical equipment and supplies received as donations from families that no longer need them.

Due to our constantly changing environment, our family events have been halted for the entirety of 2020. Our events aim to foster relationships among families raising children with disabilities. Not every space or event is appropriate for children with extra needs due to lack of accessibility or sensory sensitivity. When these events don't occur, we risk the intense feeling of isolation. Online support groups have been a huge part of how we operate since COVID-19 restrictions. We have an online support group boosting over 1,800 members all affected by disability. We've seen resource sharing and advocacy improve as well as friendships being created. We've also been able to provide families with the right seating/positioning for their child's at-home instruction and therapies because of our Lending Closet. Having portable laptops for our staff will allow us to better serve our families even when restrictions and social distancing continue to change.

 Wish updated 2/3/2021.


Redbank Valley Trails Association (RVTA)
Requesting the following:

1. $3,600 - Redbank Valley Trails Association currently provides 2 portable toilets, one at Lawsonham and another at Summerville at a cost of about $1200 each per year.  We would like to be able to add at least another portojohn at an underserved area of the trail, perhaps at the 861 Rimersburg Crossing on the Sligo Spur or at another location.  Eventually we would like to add self-composting toilets at a few locations along the trail and to add some near campsites.

2. $12,000 - We would like to add additional shelters along the trail for the comfort of trail users for picnics and to be able to get out of the weather.

3. $6,000 - RVTA would like to add a composting toilet at initially one location close to a campsite that we hope to develop along the trail.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Royal Family Kids Camp Armstrong
Requesting: $2,000

The Armstrong County Chapter will be holding its week-long summer camp experience in the summer of 2021 for children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Our organization provides an all-expense-paid experience to kids ages 7-12 from Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties. We would like to serve 24 children and recruit 36 adult volunteers specifically for camp. 

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Susquehanna Chorale
Requesting: $5,000

We are requesting funding for three Christmas (December 17, 18, 19) and two Spring (May 6 & 7, 2022) concerts with guest instrumentalists, and the production of two new CDs of those concerts. We plan to continue our livestreaming of concerts so that many who cannot attend in person will still be able to enjoy the music and be encouraged by the messages of song.  

"Enriching lives through song" is much more than the chorale's motto; it is our very reason for being. To us, choral music is about more than mastering notes on a page; it is about understanding the depth of the words we sing and the powerful story behind them, knowing that the product of long rehearsals can change an attitude or soothe a hurting soul. And after the painful and sad year of COVID-2020, many souls need to be soothed and attitudes need to be transformed to seeking unity and healing.

The total cost of the aforementioned project for which we seek support is $33,300.

wish updated 6/30/2021

The Center Midland
Requesting: $4,000

The Center exists to equip and empower generations through Christ. This funding will assist with a new learning enrichment program that will supplement our current after-school programming for children K4-3rd grade. Our goal is to help students with math and reading skills. 

Wish updated 2/3/2021

The Foundation for Christian Counseling
Requesting: $5,000

Mission: The Foundation for Christian Counseling (FFCC) mission is to increase access to mental health resources that utilize genuine community resources, for those who are in crisis or struggle with pervasive mental health issues and addictions. The FFCC promotes clinical resources that are evidence based or empirically validated forms of mental health treatment. Beyond this important standard, the FFCC seeks to provide vital community resources, through its partnerships with local church organizations in Armstrong County.

Project: In 2020, our Foundation launched its drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, to address the opioid crisis that many face in our communities. Donated funds will directly support treatment for low income individuals, individuals without insurance, and individuals who have insurance but cannot currently afford the deductible or copay associated with their coverage. By providing this support, people seeking treatment for their addiction have options that may not be available from other organizations. Otherwise, they may be under treated or may not seek treatment at all. The current pandemic has exacerbated these issues for many. Our Opioid Epidemic Recovery Support program offers both subsidized individual counseling and free group counseling options, either onsite or online, so those seeking treatment choose the option that suits them best. A second tier of the program is to provide clinical supervision and consultation to peer led, faith based community support groups in local churches, such as Celebrate Recovery and Overcomers Groups.  These groups have been researched and proven as an excellent community resource. The FFCC partners with Christian Counseling Associates of Western PA, a provider of outpatient mental health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. They provide counseling services to the Foundation at a reduced cost. All counseling services are provided by Masters or Doctoral level Clinical Counselors, Social Workers, or Psychologists.

Timeline: Due to an ever increasing need for this type of support, we seek to make this an ongoing program for our Foundation.

Total Program Budget:  $ 74,143.00

Amount Requested:  $ 5,000.00

wish updated 2/03/2021.

The Kittanning Cemetery.
Requesting: $5,000 or any amount 

The Kittanning Cemetery would like to build a permanent structure to hold funeral cervices at the cemetery. We currently have a concrete slab that is exposed to the elements. We would like an open structure with a roof. 

Wish updated 7/26/2021

The Kittanning Cemetery
Requesting: $5,000 or any amount 

The Kittanning Cemetery would like to request funds to help in the repairing of the cemetery roads.

Wish updated 7/26/2021

TryLife Center, Inc.
Requesting: $4,125

TryLife Center is a pregnancy and family resource center that provides pregnancy, parenting and life-skills education and counseling to impoverished mothers who are seeking to provide a more stable and positive home environment for their families.

The "Parent & Baby" program provides material support for infants from impoverished households by providing opportunities for young mothers to "earn" car seats, cribs and mattresses, diapers, formula, baby clothing and other baby necessities by participating in a unique "Learn to Earn" educational and counseling program.  Mothers learn about the stages of pregnancy and positive parenting skills, as well as self-sufficiency.  We serve more than 400 mothers in Westmoreland, Armstrong, Butler and Allegheny Counties.

Wish updated 2/3/2021

Washington Township Memorial Park
Requesting: $13,000

Our spacious park sits upon 17 acres of property and takes a large mower to keep the park looking beautiful for the children and adults to be able to run and play. Our township has a small population of 923 residents, so we don't get a lot of funding from the tax base. We would like to keep the park up and running. Any amount awarded would be greatly appreciated.

Wish updated 7/19/21

Waypoint Youth and Community Center
Requesting: $10,000

Our mission is to be a waypoint and safe haven, helping youth find their purpose and passion while achieving their potential through empowering, nurturing, and mentoring them as they become productive members serving our community. All services provided at Waypoint are free of charge for students and community members.

Waypoint respectfully requests funds to support our after-school youth programs, which provide academic assistance, daily meals, enrichment activities, community service opportunities, as well as relationship building and mentoring. Waypoint projects to serve 175 middle and high school students:

MEALS: Volunteers, donors, staff and students all cook and serve daily meals at Waypoint. This provides the necessary nutrition for our students' developing minds, enhancing their abilities to complete academic assignments and learn new things. Nearly all Waypoint students are low-income and many qualify for free or reduced lunch at school.  According to our last survey, less than 10% of core students at Waypoint ate dinner outside of our center.

TUTORING: Volunteers provide daily individualized general homework help and in specific subject areas. The majority of our students come from families in which no one has graduated from high school, so Waypoint employs an incentive system to instill motivation and to teach students persistence towards a goal. Strong relationships with area schools permit parents to release their children's PowerSchool login to Waypoint to follow academic progress.

MENTORING: Waypoint recruits, trains, and manages volunteer mentors who assist with homework, activities, and meals. Mentors commit to spending time with their students and building a healthy strong relationship of mutual trust. Prior to involvement in the program, mentors are interviewed and must pass background and reference checks. Mentors are also required to participate in initial and ongoing training to ensure volunteer satisfaction and child safety.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Our community service activities reinforce our efforts to encourage students to reach their potential both as individuals and as members of their community. To promote the value of engagement with the broader community, students and staff do a variety of volunteer projects in the community.

ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES: Our enrichment activities provide daily opportunities for learning and development and include academic STEAM/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics); presentations offered by local community members on career paths and education; self-discovery including personal, intellectual, social, and emotional development; critical thinking skills; team-building; and physical activity.

Wish updated 2/3/2021.

Worthington Borough Police Department
Requesting: $1,300

We are seeking funding to purchase a computer for the police department. The Borough of Worthington does not have the funds to purchase one and the program we have is Windows7 and it is not compatible with the State system.

Wish updated 2/3/2021

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