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Grant Wish List

The grant wish list is a simple listing of any granting needs from area nonprofits that are served by the Community Foundation.  Submissions to be included are accepted at any time and will be added to the list as we receive them.  This list can be especially helpful for our donor advisors so that they can see what immediate needs there are in our community that align with their interests.  Not only is this list available to the public here on our website, but we also directly share it with our donor advisors and with local media.  Our goal is to help as many nonprofits secure the funding that they need to meet their mission and goals.

Grant Wishes will remain on our website for 6 months. 
After 6 months, nonprofits must resubmit or inform us to extend for another 6 months. 
Wishes will show 2 dates – the date they are entered and the expiration date.


Angels Journey Home Animal Rescue
Amount Requesting $25,000

We are in need of a vehicle to transport veterans to the hospital or doctor pick up groceries, donations for the homeless, and distributing donations to the homeless, plus take their pets to the vet.

Amount Requesting $40,000
We need fencing, building materials to finish kennels, finish rooms for veterans to stay, plumbing, and a small building to store donations that we give out to the homeless and community members.

Amount Requesting $30,000
Request for four tiny houses to be placed on our ten acre property to house homeless veterans, until they can get help to change their life journey, and where veterans waiting for a service dog can stay while their dog is being trained and help care for the animals.

Wish Updated: 03/01/2024
Wish Expires:  09/01/2024

Armstrong Jr. Sr. High School Culture Club
Requesting: $5,000

Seeking funding to establish a culture club to provide opportunities for students to attend cultural events in Pittsburgh, such as CLO Broadway Series, Museums, Art Shows, Festivals, etc.

Funds will be used to organize and to supplement first year events.

wish updated 04/23/2024
wish expires:  10/31/2024

Connections of Armstrong County 
Requesting: $2,500

We offer a monthly free community meal. this amount would fund those for the next year and help us finish stocking our kitchen (cookie sheets, utensils, etc.).

Requesting: $2,500
Utilities being turned off is a major problem in our community. Most places won't help people until they've been shut off, we'd like to help before that to save on fees, stress and time with no hear or water, (etc.)

Requesting: $2,500
Our building acts as a drop in enter when we are open. We try to keep food, water, coffee, hygiene supplies on hand to give to people in need. We are all donation funded so this would help us purchase toilet paper, paper towels, soap, cleaning supplies for our building.

Requesting: Any amount
"In the last six months we have seen the population of homeless people increase exponentially in our community. We had known this was a problem, but until now most of these people had somewhere to stay, even if it wasn’t their own place.

Now we are seeing many more people with nowhere to go at all, they are sleeping on the streets. There is only one local motel that agencies send these people (if they have funding) and this place is not safe.

For this reason, we have decided to pursue creating a homeless shelter. There isn’t one in our entire county. We would like to see a combination of a homeless shelter and affordable housing that people could transition into or just start out in.

We would also like to offer a variety of life skills classes to help prepare people to be on their own.

There is not a lot of public transportation in our area, so we would also like to be able to purchase a couple of large vans to transport people, to our facility if it is not in a location that is easy to access, but also into town so they can get to the public transportation to get to work and appointments."

wish updated 03/01/2024
expires: 09/01/2024

Folds of Honor Western PA
Requesting: $5,000

Folds of Honor is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with the mission of providing educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America's service-members and first responders who were fallen or disabled during active duty. These scholarships support private educational tuition and tutoring for children in grades K-12, as well as higher education tuition assistance for families in Western, PA. Your $5,000.00 grant would provide one scholarship for a deserving and qualified applicant in Armstrong County.

Wish Updated: 07/01/2024

Wish expires:  12/31/2024

Foundation for Christian Counseling
Requesting: $5,000

Foundation for Christian Counseling (FFCC) provides mental health and/or addiction counseling grants to economically disadvantaged people in Armstrong County, those who cannot afford needed treatment otherwise. Without financial support, many individuals will remain under-treated or will forego treatment altogether. FFCC grants help subsidize treatment for these individuals who are seeking care for all types of mental health and substance abuse issues.

wish updated 07/09/2024
Wish expires:  12/09/2024


Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity
Amount Requesting: $1,250

Haiti H2O partners with Haitian doctors and nurses and leaders in three remote villages to host quarterly medical clinics where there are no doctors. Each 1-day clinic sees an average of one hundred patients from the community and surrounding areas. Many people walk miles to attend our clinics. Regular mobile clinics can better treat long-term diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure which are common in Haiti. Left untreated, these conditions often lead to heart attack or stroke. $1,250 provides the medications prescribed during each of Haiti H2O’s mobile medical clinics.

Amount Requesting: $475
Haiti H2O partners with Haitian doctors and nurses and leaders in three remote villages to host quarterly medical clinics where there are no doctors. The medical team sees an average of one hundred patients at each clinic. $475 will pay 1 doctor and 3 nurses for their time during one quarterly medical clinic.

Amount Requesting: $200 
Haiti H2O partners with Haitian doctors and nurses and leaders in three remote villages to host quarterly medical clinics where there are no doctors. The medical team has to travel to these remote villages to serve the communities. $200 will cover the transportation cost for the medical team for one quarterly medical clinic.

Wish Updated: 07/03/20/24
Wish Expires:  12/31/2024

Hose Company #6 Kittanning
Requesting: $5,000

Fire fighter alerting pagers. We are requesting funding to assist our fire department in purchasing pagers. With the changing of technology comes the need to update obsolete alert paging methods so first responders get alerted of an emergency response in our community and mutual aid service areas. Funding this project bring our fire department into an enhanced alerting system to get our first responders the information needed to serve our public in their time of need.

wish updated:  02/07/2024
wish expires:  08/01/2024

Life Choices
Requested amount: $40

2024 is our 40th Anniversary! We are seeking new monthly donors for $40/month. The first 40 donors receive a Life Choices t-shirt, the book Until Unity by Francis Chan, a sticker, and a keychain.

Requested amount: $1,000
Smart TVs for our 4 medical clinics so that our clients can access our app directly on the TVs during their appointment.

Requested amount: $5,000
We purchased a building in downtown Kittanning next to Dunkin Donuts in June 2023. The building needs the gutters replaced as they are backed up with leaves and debris beyond repairability.

Wish updated 02/15/2024
Wish expires:  08/31/2024

Orphans of the Storm
Requesting: $10,000

Orphans’ kennel is a 1,500 SF shelter, built in 1971.  It is too small for the current and future pet needs.  Recent highway work has caused frequent flooding from a nearby pond and stream, necessitating immediate evacuation of the animals, putting employees and volunteers at risk, and damaging the facility and records.  

wish updated 06/30/2024
wish expires:  12/31/2024

Sugarcreek Township Volunteer Fire Department

We have three main projects that we are attempting to accomplish this year.

1) Requesting:  $10,000
We need to upgrade our portable hand held radios to allow us to communicate between our Armstrong County and our Butler County radio frequencies. We are planning to buy 2 radios at approximately $5,000 each.

2) Requesting:  Pending 
Our second project for this year is to tar and chip our parking lot for which we will need to buy the oil which cost is pending.

3) Requesting:  Pending
Erecting an electronic sign along the highway to inform people of what is happening.

Wish updated 02/12/2024
Wish expires:  08/31/2024

The Kittanning Cemetery.

Requesting: $15,000
Funds are requested to complete repaving of the cemetery roads. Paving costs are extremely high and we can only complete one section at a time.

Requesting:  $20,000
Funds are requested to begin construction of a columbarium. Initial quote for construction is $110,000. the requested funds would help immensely in the preliminary planning and construction phase.

Wish Updated: 07/09/2024
Wish Expires:  12/09/2024

If you are a nonprofit interested in submitting information for the grant wish list, please complete the Grant Wish List Request Form and email to or call 724-548-5897 for more information.