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Grant FAQs

Grant Wish List

  • What is the grant wish list?

    It is a simple listing of any granting needs from area nonprofits that are served by the Community Foundation.

  • When can we submit a request to be placed on the wish list?

    Requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Beginning July 1, 2023 Grant Wishes will remain on our website for 6 months.
    After 6 months, nonprofits must resubmit or inform us to extend for another 6 months.
    Wishes will show 2 dates – the date they are entered and the expiration date.

  • What do I need to submit to be on the wish list?

    You can simply email us the name of your organization, the amount you are requesting, and what you are requesting the money for. We ask that you keep the information limited to a paragraph or even use bullet points, as we often have 50+ wishes listed at any given time for potential donors to scroll through.

  • How can the wish list benefit my nonprofit organization?

    The wish list a great resource for anyone in our community. It can help individual donors, businesses and grantors know what needs currently exist in the community. We also share all wishes with our donor advisors, especially if we know there is a specific need that may be of interest to them. We also try to help in making connections with possible funders whenever possible.

  • How is the wish list different from a normal grant cycle?

    The wish list is up 356 days a year. There is no application required and we can update it at any time, unlike a typical grant cycle where there is a formal application and a review process.

  • Why does the grant wish list exist?

    The goal of the wish list is to help as many nonprofits as possible secure the funding that they need. Most of the money that the Community Foundation has is designated for specific purposes, so this is a way for us to further our mission of helping fellow nonprofits in an indirect way when we may not be able to help them financially.


  • What geographical areas do you serve?

    While our focus is on our home county of Armstrong, we do award nonprofits in other surrounding counties. We do not limit eligibility to only Armstrong County.

  • What type of project can we apply for?

    Almost anything is acceptable for a grant request. We have received requests for critical supplies to continue the work of your nonprofit and special projects, etc.

  • Is there a limit on the amount we can request?

    While there is no limit, keep in mind that our average amount granted has historically not exceeded $5,000 per grant request.

  • Is there a limit on the number of grant requests we can submit?

    No, there is no limit.

  • If we have previously requested funding or have been awarded, are we still eligible to apply again?

    Yes, regardless of previous applications and awards, provided you are an IRS approved nonprofit organization; you are eligible to submit a request.

  • Is it possible to get partial funding for our project?

    Yes, we do our best to “spread the wealth”, so a portion of a grant request may be awarded.

  • We have a grant report that we ask all recipients to return to us within one year of receiving a grant.