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Dr. A.I. Slagle Medical Educational Scholarship

Augustus Ira Slagle, MD was a practicing physician from Westmoreland County.  He was born January 25, 1884 to Samuel J. and Jennie Linweber Slagle.  He married Mabel R. Slagle who passed on September 3, 2006.

Dr. August Ira Slagle’s last will and testament left his residuary estate, with Pittsburgh National Bank, as trustee, to pay the net income to his wife, Mable R. Slagle, for her life.

In 2019, after the death of his wife Mable R. Slagle, the trust was transferred to the Community Foundation Serving the Heart of Western Pennsylvania (now known as the Armstrong County Community Foundation) to be held as a component fund known as the Dr. A.I. Slagle and Mabel R. Slagle Educational Fund. 

By Order of the Court, the Dr. A. I. Slagle and Mable R. Slagle Educational Funds," were established with 65% of annual scholarship grants being awarded to students entering accredited medical schools in the United States and 35% of annual scholarship grants being made to students majoring in nursing at accredited colleges or universities in the United States or entering nursing programs at recognized hospital training schools.

The Dr. A.I. Slagle Medical Education Scholarship is for students entering their first year at an accredited medical school in the US to obtain an MD or DO.  This is a 4-year renewable scholarship if the student remains in satisfactory academic standing.

Scholarship Details

Available to Adult Students
May be renewable up to 4 years - must reapply each year in order to be eligible
Approximately $72,800 available (which may be split into multiple awards)
Applicant must:

  • Have graduated from Apollo Ridge High School, Armstrong High School, Kiski Area High School, or Leechburg High School
  • Be entering (first year student) an accredited medical school in the US to obtain an MD or DO

All applicants must complete the online scholarship application, including his/her response to the following essay question.

*Note: for this scholarship to be renewed, an email will automatically be sent to the student who obtained the scholarship from the previous year(s).

Essay Question

One understands that a career in medicine can be lucrative, but one also knows that other professions can be just as financially rewarding-if not more so.  Additionally, other professions can be achieved more quickly, without as many financial and academic demands, and without the enormous time constraints almost always necessitated by a career in the medical arts.  So, why medicine, an arena that constantly refuses to be run according to a schedule and that exposes one to frustration and to reality in its most terrible and absolute forms?  What is it that has engaged your interest and your dedication to a career in medicine?  You are encouraged to share examples of a time or of times in your life that have resulted in your determination to enter the world of medicine.

Past Recipients

  • 2021-22 Hannah Guzolik & Aubrey Chickerella
  • 2022-23 Hannah  Guzolik, Aubrrey Chickerella & Levi Weitzel