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Here, you will find a listing of the immediate needs of local nonprofits caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If you or someone you know can offer any assistance to the nonprofits, please reach out to them directly.

Apollo Ridge Education Foundation

The Education Foundation has volunteerrs available for any needs in their community.
Contact: Chris Kostiuk

Arc Manor

We have temporarily suspended group therapy in order to limit the risk of exposure for both clients and staff.  We have increased individual contact with clients and are now offering telehealth sessions.
Contact: Mike Watterson

Blessings Foster Care Ministry, Inc.

We have been severely impacted by the current COVID-19 in several ways.  We had two significant fundraisers scheduled that have already been cancelled.  Our staff has worked hard on these events and they were anticipated to bring in 50% of our funding for the 2020 year.  We are unsure of how these events will recover, especially if the small businesses and individuals who we were counting on to participate are suffering from financial uncertainty. 

We have also had to reschedule a Weekend Camping Retreat for the families we serve.  Luckily this has been easily rescheduled to fall.  
Finally, we were prepping for the Grand Opening of our Emergency Foster Care Closet in April.  We were planning a great celebration, but because we serve a vulnerable and generally under-served population, we have canceled the celebration and went straight to work providing extra services and supports to families in need at the current time.  

In summary:  Our private donor and small business funding has completely halted.  Our fundraisers, making up 50% of our budget, have been indefinitely postponed.  There are no donors or supporters able to continue their commitment at this time.  At the same time, the needs of our children have dramatically increased and we are trying to meet the needs as they are presented to us with the resources we have.  We do not want to turn any family away during this time of crisis, as we already serve a vulnerable and under-served group of individuals.

Our service-population's greatest needs:  diapers, formula, daily essentials, school supplies/educational tools/books, food, and a way (funds) to safely deliver these items to families in need.

Contact: Kayla Seyler

Blessings in a Backpack

We have come up with a plan to distribute bags at the curbside of each school building every other week.  

We have volunteers to pack bags and get to school sites and distribute the bags. The problem for us is having access to mass quantities of food to put in the bag. Walmart is unable to order at this time. Sprankles market has put In an order for us in hopes that the quantities and items are available.  

Contact: Molly Atwood
Contact us at the Foundation and we will connect Molly with you.

Brady's Bend Township

At this time, we don't know what we need from the state.  We are aware we are all in this together and figuring it out as we go along.

Contact: Sheila Markel, Secretary/Treasurer

Community Guidance Center

We are hoping to find connections for:

Face Masks and Gloves (for our injections / medication needs) – we are very low on these items

We have staff who could use childcare options

IT needs additional equipment (which we would gladly accept temporarily) for us to set up remote worksites.  Particularly, lap tops were mentioned.  We are also looking to expand our network capabilities.  We are open to suggestions, ideas, etc.

Also, how are others continuing their services and billing, maybe a crisis best practices sharing?

Contact: Sherry Skidmore

Divine Redeemer School

Teachers created work assignments/packets for a four week duration
and parents have picked them up here at school. We are able to group message parents with news and updates as needed. 

We have posted on our Facebook page and have listed the places in the area that are providing free lunches.

Contact: Thomas Dinga

Elderton Borough

We are contacting elderly folks in the community that live alone to ensure that their needs are met.

People are helping  people at this time. What is of concern is our budget as a borough is dependent on tax revenue. The borough is being very frugal at this time. What may be needed in the future are basic needs; safety, health, food and toiletries.

Contact: Jennifer Redick, Secretary/Treasurer

Evangelical Lutheran Church Nursery School has openings

The Evangelical Lutheran Church School, 136 W. Main St., Worthington, has openings for its developmentally appropriate ½-day kindergarten program, featuring three Pennsylvania state certified teachers, small class size and one-on-one phonics program. Children learn through centers: STEM, dramatic play, reading, writing, computer, music, art, blocks and games. Bussing is provided by Armstrong School District. Speech provided by ARIN. Openings also available for its 4-year-old afternoon preschool class. Scholarships available for preschool and kindergarten. For more information, email or leave message at the school 724-297-5600.

Ford City Public Library

The staff & I are doing our best to provide some services to our patrons.  We are sharing free educational content on our website, along with information regarding COVID-19.  We have opened our entryway to the public so they can get COVID-19 information, tax forms, unemployment applications, and information about our online resources.  We are also going to be expanding this pick up service to include items on reserve & grab & go crafts for families.

The issue the library itself is having is one we've always dealt with:  funding.  With no foot traffic, we are not collecting donations, memorial donations, fines, or fees for services such as printing & faxing.  As we continue to pay our staff to prevent any closure hardships, the lack of incoming funds may eventually create an issue for us.

Contact: Helen Taylor

Fostering Music

We had to cancel two fundraisers due to the virus.  Looking into alternative options for fundraising.

Contact: Christy Stitt

Freeport Area Meals on Wheels

Freeport Area Meals on Wheels is n track for our 52 clients.  I have HS students on stand-by as drivers if needed.

Contact: Sally Coyne

Grace Christian School

We-as a school family and personally-are looking for ways we can help in the community.  We opened up the school as a meal site for the kids in the community.

Contact: Darlene Edwards


HAVIN is an essential service that has remained open through COVID-19, however, they've unfortunately had to close their 2nd Chance Shop and are uncertain when they will be able to safely reopen it.  Not only for social distancing and disinfecting inside the shop, but they depend on donations and getting donations from outside sources is still concerning.  The funds they raise at the shop support HAVIN's services as not all of their needs can be met by state and federal grants.

Through COVID-19, they have realized they they do not have monitors with cameras.  While many of their meetings are now being held by Zoom, the monitors with cameras are cost prohibitive, so they can participate, but cannot be seen.  They have two laptops that have cameras to share, but it is limiting them.  They also need a continued supply of cleaning/disinfectant supplies, masks, and gloves, all of which are difficult to obtain.

HAVIN is currently looking to purchase individual dorm sized refrigerators for each bedroom so that shelter guests will not be required to use the communal refrigerator.  They are also looking at purchasing a CloroxPro electrostatic system, which is approximately $5,000.  This was recommended by a sister domestic violence program.  There is a two month back order for this equipment.



IUP students are adversely affected by COVID-19 due to the migration of classes online and the need to disperse from campus.  Many students face unexpected needs related to classroom technology needed for their coursework, reliable accessibility to broadband networks, groceries, utilities and more.  The university, in concert with the Foundation for IUP took swift action and established the IUP Emergency Response Fund to provide students relief related to these essential needs, however the needs far outweigh the available funding.  Since mid-March, more than $1.6M in emergency funds has been requested by IUP students. 


Kiski Township Fire Department

The Kiski Township Fire Department is business as usual when it comes to Emergencies of course.

The Lenten Fish Fry is our largest fundraiser every year. Our fish fry last week suffered an approximate 30% loss in gross sales. This week we will be transitioning to a takeout / delivery only platform and will be evaluating on a week to week basis is hopes to keep the general public safe and to try and salvage our season.

Contact: Casey Campbell

Orphans of the Storm

If you have extra sheets or towels, cut them into washcloth-sized squares.

We also need prepared newspapers.

In addition, wipes, bleach, dish liquid or paper towels are needed.

If you drop off any of the above, please stop during our regular hours.

Contact: Bethann Galbraith

Radioactive Events Center Inc.

We plan to stream live performances featuring local musicians via Facebook live.  Audiences can tune in to view the performers and donate online.

Contact: Mark Gibson