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Grant Wish List

The grant wish list is a simple listing of any granting needs from area nonprofits that are served by the Community Foundation.  Submissions to be included are accepted at any time and will be added to the list as we receive them.  This list can be especially helpful for our donor advisors so that they can see what immediate needs there are in our community that align with their interests.  Not only is this list available to the public here on our website, but we also directly share it with our donor advisors and with local media.  Our goal is to help as many nonprofits secure the funding that they need to meet their mission and goals.

More information about each organization can be found by clicking on their name, which will link you to their website.

Alliance for Nonprofit Resources, Inc.
Requesting: $5,556

The Soap & Hope Project will focus on supporting center participants in maintaining their hygiene, pride, and confidence.  The project involves the construction of a small laundry area with a commercial washer and drying for the participants to utilize while at the center.  Many KEC (Kittanning Empowerment Center) participants live on fixed incomes and have limited access to laundry facilities.  The KEC staff have noted that some participants struggle to afford to do their laundry in laundromats or at pay machines in their high rise apartment buildings.

Wish updated 9/15/20.

American Red Cross, Chestnut Ridge Chapter
Requesting: $5,000

We are requesting funding for 45 smoke alarms and supplies for direct client assistance, including food, water, sheltering funds, medicine and medical equipment.

Wish updated 9/15/20.

Apollo Area Historical Society
Requesting: $6,500 (Total)

1. We are requesting $3,000 to repair/rebuild and extend the split rail fence at Drake Log Cabin.  This fence will define the property line and maintain the rustic appearance of the cabin, the oldest structure in Apollo Borough.

2. We are requesting $2,000 to purchase archival supplies to be used in the organizing, maintaining, and preservation, of the artifacts endeared to the Apollo Area Historical Society's Museum, located in the WCTU building, Apollo, PA.  We would like to purchase proper acid free archival supplies from the Gaylord Archival catalog.

3. We are requesting $1,500 to cover the expense for the reproduction of historical photographs and documents endeared to Apollo Historical Society's Museum.  This will allow the public to view them at our museum without subjecting the original photos and documents to the elements that would cause deterioration.

Wish updated 9/15/20.

ARC Manor

Requesting: $4,450

Operational support for the ARC Manor's Partial Hospitalization Program that offers individuals with moderate to severe substance use treatment five days a week. This intensive treatment program offers interventions for individuals that may be at risk for needing a higher level of care, such as residential, or used during the transition after completing residential treatment. This program is important for individuals to maintain their recovery due to it offering such support that is often lacking in the lives of the individual seeking treatment. 

Wish updated 9/16/20.

Armstrong County Community Action Agency
Requesting: $49,227.84

We are a community-based grassroots organization serving the low-income and disadvantaged. This funding would address four different areas:

(1) Hazard pay for our front-line essential staff.

(2) Deep cleaning of the office complex.

(3) Consumable cleaning supplies.

(4) Social distancing signage for the office complex.

Wish updated 9/16/20.

Arts on the Allegheny
Requesting: $450

We are seeking funding to assist with the following:

1. Presenting the Arts on the Allegheny Concert Series.

2. Arts on the Allegheny is planning to present four events in the upcoming year. One will be a William Shakespeare play held at Armstrong High School, performed by Shakespeare and Company, Lennox, Massachusetts. The other three will be musical concerts held at the John P. Murtha Amphitheater in Kittanning's Riverfront Park. The artists will be selected and announced by April, 2021.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Blessings Foster Care Ministry
Requesting: $5,000

1. Funding to be used to secure wheel-chair accessible office space to better serve all children and teens in an inclusive environment. It will also be used to purchase accessible clothing and storage racks for the closet.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Divine Redeemer School
Requesting: Any Amount

We are requesting funding to greatly enhance the security of our school by installing a building wide communication system for two-way emergency alert purposes.  This system would include a 911 panic alarm button and service all three floors of our building.  The ability to immediately communicate will increase the chances of the safety and welfare of all present.

Wish updated 9/2/20.

Don't Stop Dreamin'
Requesting: $2,000

Don't Stop Dreamin' has launched a capital campaign to purchase a Ram ProMaster Van to transport residents on Dreams who will utilize the Trac Fab all-terrain wheelchair on outdoor excursions such as whitetail deer hunting, fishing trips, and to experience county fairs to name a few.  Our goal is to move beyond the limited excursions with standard wheelchairs.

Wish updated 9/2/20.

Downtown Kittanning Revitalization
Requesting: $4,850

We are requesting money for the flowers and upkeep on Market Street to keep it looking beautiful! Funding includes the installation, plant medium, labor and watering.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Dress for Success Pittsburgh
Requesting: $2,900

We strive to help any woman who needs our support. We regularly serve women who are veterans, homemakers re-entering the workforce, previously incarcerated women, college students, and single moms. We are seeking funds that will support the operation of four mobile service events in Armstrong County in 2020-2021.These events will serve 20-30 women over the course of a year. By bringing our Mobile Boutique to Armstrong County for events, we will eliminate the transportation barrier women in Armstrong County face in order to take advantage of our services. Our mobile units provide the boutique experience in a setting that is convenient and accessible. The funds will be utilized for real costs including fuel, insurance, and maintenance fees for vehicle operations.

Wish updated 9/17/20.



Evangelical Lutheran School Worthington
Requesting: $2,500

We are seeking funds for the following:

1, $1,000 for the cost of children's school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year.

2. $1,500 to purchase Covid-19 supplies and related items so that our nursery school/kindergarten students, as well as teachers, are protected. It will include: (3) hepa filter air purifiers, student/teacher masks, personal protective equipment, dividers separating students, and hand sanitizer/cleaning supplies.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Fort Armstrong Folk Festival
Requesting: Sponsorship

As our 50th celebration is approaching in 2021, we are already starting to make preparations.  We plan to include more entertainment, increased advertising, a parade, a 10K race and a car cruise.  We are requesting sponsors for the next two years to help us with these goals.  In addition, we are always looking for volunteers.

Wish updated 9/15/20.

Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association Foundation
Requesting: Any Amount

The Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association provides education and eventing facilities to the equine community as well as other charitable organizations.  The Foundation, through its support of the Association, provides a facility located in Manor Township, Armstrong County known as Crooked Creek Horse Park.  The Park contains 97.5 acres dedicated to equestrian activities, a barn museum, stalls, camping and bath facilities.  The Park provides a facility where the horse and nature enthusiasts can relax, compete and learn.

The Foundation is an all-volunteer organization.  With two arenas, 3 barns, and administration building, concession area, bath house and restrooms, there is never a shortage of projects.  Of the most immediate needs are the following:

  • Upgrade improvements to bleachers
  • Gravel for roads
  • Roof for Administration Building
  • Upgrade soil/footing in Barn #1
  • Re-siding Administration Building
  • Upgrades to kitchen
  • Purchase Mower
  • Repair/upgrade to septic

The cost to undertake these projects are variable and can range from $3,000 to over $100,000.  Based on funds availability projects will be prioritized.

Wish updated 9/2/20.

Fostering Music
Requesting: $1,920

Fostering Music is dedicated to enriching the lives of children currently in, or adopted out of, the foster care system, by providing musical instruments and quality music instruction in conjunction with local music stores.  By partnering with local foster care agencies, we are able to identify the children in Western Pennsylvania with the greatest need.

We are requesting funding that will be used to maintain uninterrupted music lessons for one youth and start lessons/purchase instruments for two children awaiting funding. 

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Gilpin-Leechburg Recreation Authority
Requesting: $48,000

The Gilpin-Leechburg Recreational Authority is a group of 7 volunteers trying to keep the Gilpin-Leechburg Park in good working order for the surrounding communities to use.  We have 7 pavilions, a tennis/basketball court and 3 ball fields that are used by the Gilpin and Leechburg communities.

The basketball/tennis court is around 50 years old and is in need of updating.  I have received bids of approximately $12,000 to replace 4 basketball hoops and $36,000 to replace the fencing around the basketball/tennis court.  We would hope to have this done by the fall of 2020.

Wish updated 8/25/20.

Grace Christian School
Requesting: $3,718.01 (Total)

Grace Christian School is a non-profit, school that follows a basic American principle of choice.  The students who attend here come for a variety of reasons.  Primarily parents/guardians choose us to have a quality education that addresses their holistic needs of the spiritual, physical, mental, social, and physiological aspects of education.

Parents/guardians have found through the individual attention due to the smaller classrooms, their child improves not only in education, but their behavior improves at home and in the public arena. Grace Christian is a ministry to the whole family.  

We are requesting funding for the following:

1. $268.01 for "STEM for All Ages" that will be used to enhance our science, technology, and mathematics curriculum.

2. $3,450 to expand the music curriculum to include more instruments for the students to use. This would allow for a purchase of 49 choir chimes to be used by the younger students individually and begin the process of reading and making music. 

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Kiddie's Korner Nursery School

We are requesting funding to reopen and sustain our preschool this year, which has served Armstrong and the surrounding counties for 50+ years.  Kiddie's Korner Nursery School has been greatly impacted by the statewide mandatory COVID-19 shutdown.

Wish updated 9/11/20.

Kittanning Borough Police Department
Requesting: $1,100

We are requesting funding to purchase the PA ForCite Electronic Citation System, which is an efficient solution for law enforcement in issuing traffic citations.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Kittanning Public Library
Requesting: $5,000 (Total)

We are requesting funding for the following:

1. $800 for the purchase of quality scanner equipment and flash drives. Staff and volunteers would travel throughout Armstrong County and hold "Scan Days." This would involve community members bringing their historical documents and pictures to be digitized in order to be shared with the library and other organizations to preserve our local history for future generations. We have secured more than half the funding needed from other resources.

2. $4,200 for the purchase of a new security system. Our current system is grossly outdated and not sufficient for our needs.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Leechburg Public Library
Requesting: $15,000

Funding for the relocation of the Public Library from the High School to a stand alone building.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Life Choices

Requesting the following:

1. $2,460 for Medical Clinic needs. Window clings for the Kittanning Clinic ($500); three locking file cabinets ($300); a reception desk ($850); two computers ($500); a storage cabinet ($250), and mouthguards for CPR ($60).

2. $2,320 for Parenting Program and Continuing Education.The annual cost to maintain this curriculum for all of our locations is $2,200. In addition, the parenting education offered is in need of a baby model ($65) and a car seat ($55) to walk through different aspects of education. The car seat CAN be expired, but MUST be in good condition.

3. $3,050 for The Inn, Maternity Home. The Inn is in need of an AED-Automated External Defibrillator ($1,500), a snowblower ($450), and two desktop computers - one for resident use/one for the office ($1,000). In addition, staff would like to see the newest curriculum made into workbooks that the women can have to keep and look back on for future use ($100).

4. $3,500 for Vital Training. In the coming year, there are two trainings that we believe are absolutely essential to the success of the organization: House Parent Training ($2,000) and training for a nurse through the national organization NIFLA-National Institute of Family and Life Advocates ($1,500).

5. $1,500 for Executive Office Needs. The staff is in dire need of new conference chairs and new desk chairs.  

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Lifesteps, Inc.
Requesting: $1,220

1. We are requesting funding to be able to provide Lifesteps Community OutReach Program technology enhancements. This would support continued education and help build life skills for the adults with disabilities who participate in the program. 

Wish updated 9/17/20.

Rural Valley Borough
Requesting: Medical Bag

The Rural Valley Borough is requesting funding for the purchase of a medical bag for their police vehicle.

Wish updated 9/2/20.

The Blind Association of Butler and Armstrong
Requesting: $7,500

We are requesting funding to support general operating expenses for the following programs:

1. Transportation with a sighted guide escort.

2. Support services.

Wish updated 9/17/20.

The Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County (PWAC)
Requesting: $350

The Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County (PWAC) operates a Small Group Employment Program for individuals who have been diagnosed with an intellectual, physical, or emotional disability. PWAC will expand by incorporating Progressive Document Destruction. This will consist of obtaining and shredding documents for residents and business members and will follow HIPAA compliance regulations when storing and destroying documents. The funding will be used for purchasing vinyl wrap with a Progressive Document Destruction logo that will be placed on both sides of a box truck.

Wish updated 9/18/20

Western Pennsylvania Eventing Association (WPEA)
Requesting: Any Amount, materials or volunteer services

  • Landscaping/lawn services and supplies for leased land (mulch, gravel).
  • Excavation services to construct a jumping arena and a dressage arena.
  • Constructed cross country jumps or show jumping jumps or materials to build (wood, screws, paint).
  • Donations towards or service donated to construct water complex cross country jump(s).
  • Donations for Rider Scholarship Program to help pay for educational horseback opportunities. 
  • Donations of english-riding gear (saddles, safety vests, bridles, boots, breeches).
  • Prizes for year-end celebration (gift cards, items of use in a barn or riding program, photography services, trophies/award plates).

Wish updated 8/4/20.

If you are a nonprofit interested in submitting information for the grant wish list, please email or call 724-548-5897 for more information.