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Grant Wish List

The grant wish list is a simple listing of any granting needs from area nonprofits that are served by the Community Foundation.  Submissions to be included are accepted at any time and will be added to the list as we receive them.  This list can be especially helpful for our donor advisors so that they can see what immediate needs there are in our community that align with their interests.  Not only is this list available to the public here on our website, but we also directly share it with our donor advisors and with local media.  Our goal is to help as many nonprofits secure the funding that they need to meet their mission and goals.

More information about each organization can be found by clicking on their name, which will link you to their website.

American Cancer Society
Requesting: $4,000

The American Cancer Society offers many programs and services to help cancer patients along their journey.  Through our Wig Coupon Program, we offer women cancer patients who are experiencing hair loss during treatment a $70 coupon towards the purchase of a new wig from our "tlc" Catalogue.  Many wigs are at or below that coupon amount making the wigs free.  Many women undergoing treatment indicate hair loss as one of the most devastating side-effects of treatment.  Wigs at a retail salon can be very costly and add to the financial burden patients face.  Additional funds for this program will help us to continue providing this valuable program to women in Western Pennsylvania.  Our requested amount would allow us to provide 57 women caner patients with a wig coupon.

Apollo Memorial Library
1. Requesting: $2,500
2. Requesting: $50,000-$75,000

1. The library's genealogy corner has been neglected for many years and never had the proper equipment to house the documents safely.  they are currently in old, worn out photo albums or binders.  We would like to purchase acid free, archival safe boxes to move our many historical documents into to prevent any further deterioration.

2. Our building has never been updated from when it was built in the 1960s.  To update the building we would probably need around 50-75 thousand dollars.  Our building project would most likely not start until around 2019-2020 if we got the funding for it.

Along with making updates and repairs to the building, we also would use funding for different programs and projects that we do to serve the public.

We have a large senior citizen population in Apollo as well, and our building doors are not suited for their walkers, or for wheelchairs.  These patrons can enter the library, but it is more difficult for them.  We would love to have an updated library so that all patrons can enter safely and with dignity.

Apollo Ridge Education Foundation
Requesting: $5,000

Funding would be used to retain professional artists, purchase materials and assist in the installation of two completed works of art. The program was initiated in partnership with IUP’s Lively Arts Program. Two Artist Residencies will engage students in conceptualizing artwork, researching community history and identity, and designing and constructing seven mosaics that serve as “portals” into Apollo’s past connected by a large mural.

The goal is to position student artwork to announce Apollo as a vibrant community, working with the school to engage residents and visitors alike.

ARC Manor
Requesting: $20,000

ARC Manor Addiction Recovery Center is a private, non-profit corporation headquartered in Armstrong County and serving multiple Counties in Western and Central PA.  ARC Manor is dedicated to the prevention, intervention, and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and addiction.  Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality, timely services that enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and the community.  Major services include several levels of treatment: Residential, Partial Hospital, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient.  Additionally, we provide a 24-hour crisis hotline and community education.  ARC Manor is licensed by the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

The opioid epidemic has become a public health crisis in PA, affecting all communities.  Armstrong County is one of the hardest Counties in PA impacted by this epidemic.  Each month, ARC Manor serves more than 400 individuals providing outreach, family support, addiction screening and multiple levels of care to best fit an individual's recovery.  ARC Manor staff members provide efficient, evidence based addiction treatment practices.  Client satisfaction and program success rates indicate that our staff make a positive impact to the individuals and families that we serve, thus helping our community.

Although costs continue to rise, reimbursement through our primary insurance payers has not been increased.  Reimbursement through Medicaid and other insurances are not being increased at the same rate as the costs to provide quality services.  Therefore, ARC Manor is in need o public and private support in an effort to maintain all current operations and to be able to enhance and update operations for the future.  Your help is needed now more than ever to support our Residential treatment center and to continue care of these clients into the outpatient services that are provided in ARC Manor's three locations.

Your support will help ensure that ARC Manor's work in our community will continue as it has for over 40 years.  Specifically, funds will be used for client needs and the support of services including: client transportation, program supplies, and food, medical and other needs across all levels of care.

Armstrong Center for Community Learning-Outdoor Discovery Center
Requesting: $18,255

We are requesting funding to enhance the experience and learning opportunities for guests attending the Crooked Creek Outdoor Discovery Center, formerly known as the Environmental Learning Center.  We would like to update the main room and exhibits including everything from flooring, removing paneling and installing drywall and fresh paint, installing energy efficient LED lighting, integrating technology, and replacing seating.

Armstrong Community Theater
Requesting: $1,259.93

The Armstrong Community Theater has a special events project where participants perform in front of various local establishments and organizations.  With the current sound system set up, the system is very cumbersome to move and use for some of the settings where we are asked to perform.  the Fender Passport Venue PA System that we are requesting a grant for is an all-in-one unit which will be easy to transport and set up in minutes.  This new system would allow us to accept more opportunities to perform for local residents and organizations.

Armstrong County Community Action Agency
Requesting: $5,000

Transportation is the single greatest barrier to providing services to the low-income population of Armstrong County.  We are requesting money for emergency transportation to ensure that Armstrong County Community Action clients are able to get to a job, an interview, or a needed appointment when they have no means of going.  Also, on occasions, our housing department has clients that become stranded in Armstrong County and cannot afford a bus pass to return to their homes.  In addition, as a member of of the Western Pennsylvania's Continuum of Care, the Agency must abide by the mandated Coordinated Entry process for homeless clients.  As a member, whenever there are no housing units open within our County, another county within the Continuum may be able to house them.  If that is the case, then the clients must be transported to the other county's emergency housing shelter.  Transportation money is not part of the Continuum of Care funding.  This grant would be immensely useful for all Agency programs where providing transportation for clients is not an allowable expense.

This funding would allow us to provide transportation services to an average of 22 clients per month as well as 207 one way trips for low-income clients.

Armstrong Habitat for Humanity
Requesting: $4000

We are requesting money to continue work on our Wick City Neighborhood Revitalization program.  Qualified owner occupied homeowners apply for critical exterior repair.  These funds will provide the materials for these repairs and volunteers will provide the labor.  We plan on doing 20 critical repairs in 2018 and 25 in 2019.  These projects are: Handicap ramps, new porches, painting, planting flower beds, replacing sidewalks, roof repair, installing bus shelters and power washing houses.

The Armstrong Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc.
Requesting: $3,000

We are continuing work on two projects and need additional funding for them both.  First, we are continuing to work creating video records of interviews (oral histories) with residents of the County who have knowledge of past historical events.  We finally have acquired the equipment needed to set up filming and have begun filming.  We will need funds for the post production work to make them appropriate for audience viewing, either as research materials at the library or as broadcast items at a later date.

Second, We are in need of funds to continue our creation of a historical library at the Dunmire House on Bluff Street in West Kittanning.  We have approximately 2,500 books that we are in the process of cataloging and accessioning into our collection.  This process has been done, to date with the help of two volunteers who are donating their time to create a catalog and label and shelve the books.  The costs incurred to date for creating the actual library space and shelving as well as a computer and software and supplies has been borne by private funds.  We are in need of funds to continue the process of cataloging, labeling and shelving the books as well as for materials to help preserve the fragile books in our collection.  We will also be building additional bookshelves to house the books as we are running out of room with our current configuration.

Arts on the Allegheny
Requesting: $10,000

We are seeking funding to present a Shakespeare Play and workshop at Armstrong High School.  We would like to include a performance for the community in the evening.  The estimated cost of this project is $10,000.

Bethany Christian Services
Requesting: $15,000

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is a vital family preservation program of Bethany Christian Services.  Founded in 2003, SFFC is a national movement that surrounds families in crisis with caring, compassionate community.

Butler County has been identified as having an unmet need that SFFC can fill.  Between 7/1/18-6/30/19, BCS plans to recruit, train, screen and approve 5 new volunteer host families and serve 15 children and their parents in Butler County.

Funds provide recruitment, training, screening of volunteers, and case support for at-risk families.  The volunteer nature of SFFC provides a cost-effective long-term solution to filling the void within the child welfare/social support system.

Biblical Life Institute
Requesting: Various Amounts

Lake Repairs:
BLI has received a grant from PA to conduct repairs on Lake Transylvania. The grant is administered through the local conservation district. While the state grant will repair the retaining wall on one side of the lake, additional work is needed. BLI is seeking grants that will allow it to dredge the lake, repair the trail that encircles the lake, landscape the entrance area to the lake, and remove an old wellhouse including filling the well.

Endowments - General and Faculty:
Along with seeking donations and using windfall resources, BLI is seeking grants to help build their endowment to the level required by PA for consideration as a degree granting college.

Faculty are the primary influencers of students and are vital to any successful school. Eight full-time faculty are also required by PA for a school to be considered a college and grant degrees. BLI prides itself in having excellent faculty, the majority of which hold doctoral degrees in their field. However, the school is limited in its ability to hire full-time faculty while keeping tuition costs low enough to be accessible to students.

BLI is seeking to grow its faculty endowment to a level that will support the hiring of a full-time faculty member. The goal is an endowment of at least $1m.

One-Year Scholarship Program:
BLI would like to provide scholarship assistance that would cover the tuition cost of/the first semester of BLI’s first-year program. Students would still be required to pay the cost of room & board through other scholarships, work, savings, or family help. Almost 40% of the amount needed for the fall 2018 semester has been received through donations. The school is looking to raise an additional $20,000 to cover the fall semester and another $32,000 to support the full-year program.

Shilling Hall, the main building on campus, was built primarily through the work of students during the 1940’s and 1950’s. These students cut and laid stone, milled lumber, and laid shingles, producing a marvelous, inspiring building that still serves for classes, offices, dining, and student residence. Though once replaced in its history, the building is once again in need of significant roofing repairs. The estimate for immediate repairs is $18,000. Full repairs are estimated at $40,000.

Operating Expenses
BLI has in place a strategic plan, a marketing plan, and an enrollment plan. In February 2018, the school also reached candidate status for accreditation, the half-way point of the process. Strong progress has been made in nearly every area of the school’s operation, but it will still be several years before enrollment will reach the level needed to support operations. We are seeking grants to help cover operational expenses while continuing to build on the advances made in revitalizing the school.

Blessings in a Backpack
Requesting: Any Amount

Blessings in a Backpack provide food to elementary school children who may otherwise have little or no food to eat on weekends during the school year. Students receive a bag of at least 8 food items and two entrée items. These foods are kid friendly and require little to no preparation.

Average cost to feed one child for a 38 week school year is $100. Currently, serving 121 students at West Hills Primary and Intermediate, Lenape Elementary School and Shannock Valley Elementary School.

Borough Of Elderton
Requesting: $3,898.10

In an attempt to keep up with the ever changing technology and become as efficient as possible with a limited budget from hard working tax payer funds, Elderton Borough Police Department is looking to obtain a Panasonic rugged laptop for our police vehicle as our current laptop was purchased in 2009.  As a small municipal police department, we attempt to obtain funds to update a piece of much needed equipment at least annually.  Last year we were fortunate enough to get a donation for a new in car camera system as our other system ran off of 8MM cassette tapes.  However, the source of those funds is not available for this project; therefore we are looking for other sources and would appreciate your consideration in assisting us with this project.  A new laptop will allow the officer to become more proficient with access to newer programs and apps and promote greater efficiency and speed thus giving the officer more time to complete other much needed duties of the job.

The Deane Center for the Performing Arts

The Deane Center is seeking grant funding to support its Outreach Programs.  These are 4 series produced and presented by the Deane Center:

Deane Little Beans, providing programs geared towards children.  Golden Afternoons, providing programs geared towards seniors.  History Comes Alive, presenting historical related programs with special attention towards veterans.  And Gallery Music Series, providing a diverse group of area and regional music in a family friendly format.  Each of these programs present 8-12 separate events a year.  The Deane Little Beans and Golden Afternoons series are totally free to participants and often include light snacks.  The total budget for these four programs run approximately $20,000 annually.

The Deane Center for the Performing Arts would like the opportunity to apply for $5,000 in grant funding to be applied towards offsetting the costs involved in providing these 4 programs. 

Don't Stop Dreamin'
Requesting: $2,800

Don't Stop Dreamin' proposes to develop a year-long project called "Dreamin' to Walk on the Moon" beginning in July 2018 and culminating on July 20, 2019, the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing and walk.  The project would kick-off with excursions for residents in the Quality Life Services Family to the John Heinz History Center to explore the traveling Exhibit, "Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission", which will be part of a national tour organized by the Smithsonian Institution.  The exhibit will include the actual Command Module Columbia that carried the crew, equipment and precious lunar samples through the fiery reentry.  The exhibit opens in September 2018.

The total cost for "Dreamin' to Walk the Moon" is $6,500 which includes staffing expenses, transportation to Pittsburgh, snacks and drinks for traveling, art supplies and tickets to the Heinz History Center for residents across 10 nursing homes.

Dress for Success Pittsburgh
Requesting: $10,000

Dress for Success Pittsburgh strives to meet women where they are, both literally and figuratively!  We are seeking funding to support the purchase of a mobile unit, which will allow us to provide suiting and personal branding services on location for women in Butler and Armstrong counties.  Lack of transportation in these areas is one of the most common barriers that keep women from coming in to our boutique for services.  Mobile suiting allows us to take the experience to local food banks, libraries, universities and community centers, making access to services more convenient for our clients.  With the purchase of a van, we could be far more efficient and reach more women.  Last year we served just over 2600 women, and with a mobile unit, we would be able to reach at least 3500 women to ensure that they feel at their most confident on their journey to financial independence.

Feed My Sheep Pantry
Requesting: $1,000

We are requesting funding to continue providing supplies for our families.  Since our conception in October of 2016, we have grown to providing to over twenty families on a monthly basis.

Ford City Renaissance Community Partnership, Inc.
Requesting: $5,000

We are requesting funding for the continuance and growth of the Armstrong County Labor Day Parade, making Armstrong County a destination place over the Labor Day Weekend.

The Ford City Sign Restoration Project
Requesting: $5,000

We are seeking to secure a portion of the funding needed to restore and preserve two historically significant outdoor advertising signs that are on one side of a building located at 910 4th Avenue in Ford City.  One of the signs is an advertisement for a local clothing store, Ike Lefkoski Clothing, and the other is an advertisement for Mail Pouch Tobacco.

These signs were painted sometime between 1898 and 1913. The Mail Pouch sign is Sign No. 38-03-08 as recorded in the listing of all known Mail Pouch signs in The Mail Pouch Barnstormers website,  It is one of the largest known Mail Pouch signs on a commercial building int he United States.

Our goal is to restore and preserve these signs while retaining the weathered appearance of the best part of the signs as they now exist.  To date, the committee has secured $2,000 for the project, $1,000 of which has been pledged by The Mail Pouch Barnstormers organization.

The committee respectfully requests support for this project in the amount of $5,000.  All donated funds will be fully tax deductible.  They should be sent to the Armstrong County Historical and Genealogical Society (a 501(c)3 organization), PO Box 735, Kittanning, PA 16201, and specified for the Ford City Sign Restoration Project.

Freeport Area Meals on Wheels
Requesting: Any Amount

What is the recipe for Meals on Wheels?  Take 150 volunteers and 18 churches.  Add 50 clients, a dash of love, and blend with care.  Each month 150 volunteers from the community man the desk, stock the supplies, create the  menus, buy the food, cook the meals, and deliver three hot and three bag lunch meals each week to about 50 clients in the Freeport Area.  Some of our volunteers, collectively giving 9,000 hours per year, have been with us for over 30 years!

Freeport Area Meals on Wheels (est. 1971) is an all-volunteer, independent, non-profit organization serving the following communities: Freeport, Buffalo, Cabot, South Buffalo, and Saxonburg.

Our annual budget includes a balancing act where donations must pay for nearly 1/3 of our regular expenses-and unexpected ones.  Our meal cost is nearly $5.00 per meal, yet donations and grants have allowed us to keep the cost of our meals at $3.00, and to offer free meals to those in dire need.

Our wonderful drivers deliver much more than a meal each visit-they provide a wellness check, a smile, and emotional support to our "people", for whom they are a vital contact.  Twice this past year our drivers have found clients who had fallen and needed help.  We care for our clients of all ages, and take pride in preparing quality food economically as we would for our own families.

With your help we can continue to deliver a difference.

Freeport Renaissance Association
Requesting: $3,000

Led by volunteers, our mission is to promote pride in the community through the enhancement, safety, participation, and development of the community by preserving and blending its remarkable history with the prospect of the future.

Annual fundraising events heighten awareness of the town's businesses, economic opportunities, and civic involvement.   Many business and community leaders are providing support, but additional funding is needed.  We are respectfully requesting a $3,000 donation to support our 2018 fundraising efforts.

HAVIN (Helping All Victims in Need)
Requesting: $6,250

We are requesting funding to present "Parents in the Know: A Program for Engaging Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention".  This program includes four 2 hour interactive sessions to help parents and guardians build, practice and strengthen skills to prevent child sexual abuse.

Kittanning Public Library
Requesting: various amounts

Funding requests for children's programs

  • Preschool Story Hour-$50 per month for materials throughout the school year
  • Music Time-$100 for new instruments-this is an ongoing program all year
  • Summer Reading Program-$1,000 by May 1 for supplies, books, incentives, presenters
  • 1000 Books Before Kindergarten-$500 for new books to give to children who have completed the 1000 books.  This is an ongoing program in which we are in our third year.

Funding requests for all ages (not time specific)

  • Speakers/Presenters for all ages-average cost is $250
  • Book clubs-30 copies of one title average cost is $450
  • Cooking classes average cost is $250

Funding requests for the library

  • Paper, ink, office supplies, library materials, children's arts and crafts, and normal everyday costs associated with the library operations (any amount throughout the year)

Kittanning Salvation Army
Requesting: Any Amount

1. Utility assistance
2. Rent assistance
3. Youth programming
4. Bridging the Gap, At risk teenage intervention program that's been running for 7 years
5. Literacy for children
6. Emergency food pantry
7. Monthly community meal
8. Sponsors to send children to overnight camp
9. Pathway of Hope, one on one intensive casework for parents with children under 18 years old

1. Computer lab to help teens and adults
2. Washer and drying to continue our work with the community giving them a chance to wash their clothes
3. Hygiene and cleaning pantry for people who can't afford those items
4. Diaper pantry for parents to help with some cost with a baby
5. Update sound equipment and multimedia for church and the ability to teach children and adults

Our vision for the community is to lower the walls that we all face day after day to better each other with an overall community support network.  Not just us.  To make real change, it takes a collected effort.

Life Choices
Requesting: various amounts

Life Choices is a non-profit organization that began as a pregnancy crisis hotline in 1984.  Eventually Life Choices became a Pregnancy Resource Center, providing material items and classes to those who chose to parent.  In 2011, we became a Pregnancy Medical Clinic, opening in Kittanning under the name of My Choice Medical.  In the following two years, two more medical clinics were added – one in Butler and one in Indiana.  “Going medical” meant adding a nurse and an ultrasound machine at each location.  In 2014, STD/STI testing was as well, granting access to additional male clients, providing another avenue for education. Education is also a priority at Life Choices, taking sexual risk avoidance curriculum into elementary, middle, and high schools as well as the prisons in Armstrong and Butler counties.  The most recent addition to services offered, as of October this past year, is The Inn, a maternity home, providing housing and goal-setting to pregnant women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.  All services offered are free: pregnancy testing and verification, STD/STI testing and treatment, options counseling, parenting classes, post-abortive recovery, sexual risk avoidance education, and housing.

We are Seeking Money for…

  • Operation Security-The Inn, our maternity home, is in need of a camera-based security system.  Our goal is not only to keep residents safe, but also to hold them accountable in order to give staff peace of mind and encourage truth in communication from residents.
  • Project Media – Providing our Education Team with a Media Kit
    •    Professional Camera
    • Professional Microphone
    • Tripod
  • Project Update – Updating the Technology & Supplies at our Butler Clinic
    •  Lap Top (2)
    • Fully Equipped Wireless Printer
    • Compact Blood Draw Cart

This is the amount we need:

  • Operation Security: $1,916.06 
  • Project Media Total: $1,865
  • Project Update: $1,700

We need funding by:  

  • Operation Security: We would like to install the security system in the fall of 2018.
  • Project Media: No deadline for this.  It is a “dream” project.  While we know we could put it to use almost immediately, we are willing to wait on this so that other areas of the ministry can thrive.
  • Project Update: Again, no imminent deadline for this project, but certainly something we would like to see happen by the end of the year.

Other things that you may want to know:

  •  Project Media: The education team has been upping their use of media significantly each year.  What started with a website has now branched into multiple social media outlets, a blog, and a video version of our curriculum.  With health stats and information changing so quickly, updating these videos is of utmost importance.  However, paying someone to help update each time is not conducive to the budget, especially when we have a team with the “know-how.”  All we are missing is the equipment.  This equipment will also be used beyond education to help with development and more!  The possibilities are endless!
  •  Project Update: As many in the non-profit realm know, updates are slow to come in a growing organization.  While we have put off updating the technology at our Butler clinic, it is beginning to become an issue – creating more problems and taking more time than necessary.  It is time for a change.  The blood draw cart also needs updated.  When setting up our STD/STI services, we had purchased a very inexpensive tote for blood draws in order to cut costs.  However, it does not have the storage capacity that we need and is falling apart.

Lifesteps, Inc.
Requesting: $10,000

Lifesteps is requesting support for a kitchen update project at the Agency's Armstrong County Program Center.  Participants in the Community OutReach Program in Armstrong utilize the kitchen for cooking instruction, teaching meal preparation, and nutrition education.  The current kitchen is in need of updating to better meet the needs of the individuals with disabilities.  this includes new cabinetry, layout of the space, and upgraded appliances.  The cabinetry in the current kitchen is old and beginning to fall apart and the layout of the space does not accommodate all of the program participants, such as individuals in wheelchairs or utilizing walkers.  The program currently serves 61 individuals and an improved kitchen layout would support more participants in the room for instruction, also allowing for an island and other layout modifications to better accommodate the cooking and meal instruction.

Make a Wish
Requesting: $4,400

Granting wishes isn't just nice, it's necessary.  When a family receives their child's diagnosis their world turns upside down.  Children who receive wishes are facing critical conditions and the medical community is telling us that wishes give hope and a profoundly effective way to cope.  We want to grant the wish of every eligible child, and we need your help.

While we granted 705 wishes this past year, for every child who receives a wish experience, there are always so many more waiting.  As you know, the average cost of a wish is $4,400.  To ensure no medically qualifying child goes without their one true wish, we hope that you will make a $4,400 Wishmaker grant to fund the wish of an Armstrong County child in need.  We are currently working on 8 Armstrong County wishes.

Wishes make a lasting impact.  They provide wish children renewed hope, strengthen family bonds and positively influence a child's medical treatment.  Thanks to new research, medical professionals now believe the experience of a wish is integral to a child's overall treatment plan.

Wishes are powerful facilitators for hope, strength and joy.  Amazingly, we have also found that families of wish recipients benefit immensely from their child's wish experience.  Critical illnesses impact parents and siblings, too; therefore, as often as possible, the wish recipient's family is included in their experience.  After a child's wish is granted, many parents and families report that bonds between family members were strengthened and the wish experience allowed them a rare moment to step away from everything their family has been facing.

National Kidney Foundation
Requesting: $5,000

We are seeking support to continue our work including public awareness, prevention, and patient service initiative in our region.  Our Pittsburgh-based office has served western PA for more than 30 years, but there is still work to be done.  We offer a suite of programming aimed at educating, supporting, and screening adults in our area.  These programs include KEEP Healthy, NKF's screen program to evaluate an individual's risk for kidney disease, Drive for Dialysis, NKF's corporate engagement porgram that privdes dialysis patients with speical care packages; and NKF Cares and Peers, NKF's local patient phone-based programs designed to directly address questions from kidney patients, family members and caregivers.  All NKF programs are designed to reach kidney patients and at-risk individuals directly and provide infomration on how to support a lifestyle consistent with keeping kidneys healthy.

The programs and services provided by NKF make a significant impact in the region.  In 2017, 239 constituents were screened for kidney disease through our KEEP Health Screening, 116 callers were assisted with resources through NKF Cares patient helpline, 1,730 people were served through health fairs and community education, and more than 1,300 dialysis patients received a free subscription to Kidney Living magazine.

Please know that your support will help individuals right here in our community and directly impact the lives of patients and families who depend upon NKF's services every day.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in more detail about the NKF and this request for funding.

Orphans of the Storm
Requesting: Any Amount

Please consider donating the following items to help us with daily operations.  Food, cat litter, office supplies, paint, new crates, small window air conditioner, air purifier for our cat room, shipment of gravel for exercise runs, office chairs, cleaning supplies, second office desk, medicine locking cabinet

Progressive Workshop
Requesting: $2,000

Our day program (Adult Achievement Center) creates a positive environment where individuals with developmental disabilities learn to increase their competencies in daily living skills, health management, money management, safety awareness, leisure skills and self-determination.  Recently PWAC has seen an increased need to provide services that are more specific and individualized.  Due to this, PWAC is adding curriculum and equipment to better assist the individualization of our program to serve all of the individuals that attend this program.  We are requesting funds to assist with the purchase of specific equipment and curriculum materials.

Project Linus
Requesting: $500

Project Linus is a volunteer non-profit organization with a two-fold mission; (1) to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer "blanketeers", (2) to provide a rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups in local communities, for the benefit of children.

Our project is a Greene County, PA Community Service Project that will include blanket parties throughout the community held at schools, libraries, knitting clubs and other non-profit organizations.  With the goal to provide 500 blankets to local children whom are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need.

Our timeline is August 2018-January 2019

Radioactive Events Center, Inc.
Requesting: $10,256

We are requesting funding for a live video streaming system.  With the installation of this system, we can create our own television station.  The new camera equipment will allow us to broadcast professional images live over the internet on platforms like Facebook, and Youtube.  Our broadcasts will feature musicians, bands, and singers that will perform at the Radioactive Events Center located in Kittanning, PA.  The staff will be made up of high school students attending the Lenape Tech Advertising Digital Tech class.  Students will have the opportunity to apply, what they are learning in the classroom.  Students from other schools are welcome. 

Ramps of Hope
Requesting: Any Amount

Ramps of Hope is a ministry of the United Methodist Church, Indiana District, which covers Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson and parts of Clearfield Counties.  Our mission is simply to help people with limited mobility have easy access into and out of their own homes.  We build ramps of treated lumber that are temporary but very strong and sturdy to accomplish this purpose.  We have been in existence since 2011 and have built a total of 280 ramps across the four county area since that time.

Armstrong County entered the program in 2013.  We have two teams of volunteers that build, and they have constructed 78 ramps in the last five years.  The ramps are built in 4'x6' sections off site.  On the day of a build, these are trailered to the recipient's home, along with posts and railing materials and any turn sections needed, and assembled.   Assembly time varies depending on the length and difficulty of the ramp but is usually done in just a few hours.

Every year as word of our work spreads, we see an increase in the need for this service so funding is something we are constantly pursuing.  We do not charge recipients for ramps. Rather, we ask them for any donation they can manage to give.  We do on occasion get very nice donations from recipients and once in a while, someone will be able to pay for their ramp.  However, much more often, recipients have very meager income and can donate little or nothing for their ramp.  We understand this and do our best to obtain the funding so all ramps that are doable can be built.  All labor from intake through building is done by volunteers, mostly from our Methodist churches; however, we are ecumenical on this and readily accept anyone who would like to help!   We must pay for all building materials--treated lumber, (the most expensive part), screws, bolts, concrete slabs, and any other pieces a ramp might require.  As examples, some ramps need gravel or asphalt material at the ends of them.  In addition, we purchase the large table saws that are needed and as many tools as we can for teams so workers don't have to bring their own.  Tools wear out and need replaced.

Redbank Renaissance, Inc.
Requesting: $900

We are requesting funding to install a 4x7 foot sign on a local building to direct visitors along SR 28 to the Redbank Valley Trail.  We also hope to install an engraved granite image on a stone monument to commemorate the existence of the Scout Hall formerly in Gumtown Park, on Water Street in New Bethlehem, built in 1943, which was destroyed by the July 19, 1996 flood.

Redbank Valley Trails Association (RVTA)
Requesting: $1,438.90

Redbank Valley Trail Association is required by the Public Utility Commission to install stop signs and other warning signs at all road crossings of the 51 mile trail for the safety of trail users from the Allegheny River at Armstrong County, along Red Bank Creek to Brookville and from Lawsonham to Sligo.  We are requesting funding for the costs of the posts, nuts and bolts to install the signs.

Stage 62
Requesting $700

Stage 62's mission is to unite the community in the joy of producing quality theater for all ages.  We strive to enhance the cultural life in Southwest Pennsylvania by offering affordable live theater that features artists from our own community, and by providing an enriching experience for young and old to learn all aspects of theater arts and production through volunteer participation.

We are requesting $700 to allow our organization to purchase needed tools for our set construction, a box office carrying case, first aid kits, and containers for our costume/prop storage.

TryLife Center, Inc.
Requesting: $2,500

TryLife Center is a pregnancy and family resource center that provides pregnancy, parenting and life-skills education and counseling to impoverished mothers who are seeking to provide a more stable and positive home environment for their families.

The "Parent & Baby" program provides material support for infants from impoverished households by providing opportunities for young mothers to "earn" car seats, cribs and mattresses, diapers, formula, baby clothing and other baby necessities by participating in a unique "Learn to Earn" educational and counseling program.  Mothers learn about the stages of pregnancy and positive parenting skills, as well as self-sufficiency.  We serve more than 400 mothers in Westmoreland, Armstrong, Butler and Allegheny Counties.

Worthington West Franklin Community Library
Requesting: $2,100

Worthington West Franklin Community Library is a state-supported public library with an inventory of 17,600 books, audio books, DVDs, electronic resources, etc. serving two municipalities: Worthington Borough and West Franklin Township. All residents from these two municipalities receive a free library membership. The Library was established as a public library in 1985, thus we are working on its 33rd year.

It serves approximately 2,500 residents of these two supporting municipalities but also serves non-residents from surrounding areas. We have approximately 600 members, which includes non-resident memberships. These individual memberships include member's families, so the library actually serves many more than the membership number indicates.

As with the other public libraries in Armstrong County, all residents of our supporting municipalities who have a membership at our library also receive an AccessPA sticker, which means that they can borrow books, DVDs, etc. from any public library within Pennsylvania and they can return those materials to our library and we will return them to the lending library.

Additionally, any member can receive books from across the state via interlibrary loan from public and academic libraries. And members also have access to thousands of free electronic books and audio books via OverDrive. 

The circulation system at the W.W. F. Community Library is Follett, which is a system built for school libraries, not for public libraries. The Follett system puts our library at a disadvantage because it precludes us from simultaneously looking at the library collections at the Ford City and Kittanning public libraries. If we don't have a resource at Worthington, we cannot look at these other libraries and inform our patrons it is available at these other libraries. There are other disadvantages, thus reducing our capabilities to serve our patrons. The District Library for Armstrong, Butler, Lawrence and Mercer Counties, New Castle District Library, is also encouraging us to replace our circulation system. Only four libraries in the District still use Follett, our library being one of them.

Although Armstrong Libraries are not supported by the county, we coordinate with each other by having county meetings ( Both Ford City and Kittanning libraries use the Biblionix/Apollo circulation system, the same circulation system we are requesting for funding. With these three libraries on the same circulation systems, we will have the strength of three integrated libraries serving middle Armstrong County. Having three public libraries more closely integrated similar to a federated system located within such a short distance from each other will make middle Armstrong County more attractive to residents and businesses who might want to locate in this area.

The cost for migrating our collection to Apollo and installing the system would cost $2,100.00. The Apollo circulation/inventory system is built exclusively for public libraries. Because public libraries serve a very diverse customer/patron base, the systems require much more capabilities than an elementary or high school system such as Follett.

There is no immediate timeline, but the sooner we can invest in a new circulation system, we can be further integrated with Ford City and Kittanning libraries and better serve not only our funding municipalities but also Armstrong County. Also, the District Library can add better capabilities to the library.

Rural areas and rural students have historically had to compete with more sophisticated urban students and areas for educational resources and jobs, respectively. Large resource-rich libraries, museums, galleries, science centers, etc. help to contribute to these advantages for urban residents. Now, in addition, our rural students must compete with international students and international cities for resources and jobs.

Rural residents know the great advantages of living in a rural area: wide open natural spaces for learning and fun, clean air, a small-town friendly culture, etc. But rural areas lack the resources in all these large institutions that entice urban students to daily use these institutional resources.

One of our two taglines at Worthington West Franklin Community Library is, "Rural areas also deserve great libraries!" We believe rural areas must have great libraries so our residents have the advantages of urban areas. Also, for too long rural areas have been disparaged as backward compared to urban areas and so people have less of a desire to live in rural areas. If rural areas had great libraries, there would be a lessening of this prejudice against small town living.

Help us make it possible so these three libraries can share their resources at a finger tip by funding our circulation system. Then we three libraries will have that capability, especially since we are physically so close.

Our other tagline is: "Information, education and recreational resources for the common good."

If you are a nonprofit interested in submitting information for the grant wish list, please email or call 724-548-5897 for more information.